Has anyone used celluloid material in their GF

I have a customer who wants me to make guitar picks for her band. Not sure where to buy material, but Amazon had celluloid strips (kind for a guitar pick punch). I like the variety of colors offered but don’t want to buy it until I know it’s safe. Didn’t find out much by googling the question.

I appreciate your caution. Yes, never try to cut or engrave anything until you know it is safe.

It is often helpful to post a link to exactly what you are referring to as our words often fail us. I’ve had to go as far as contacting manufacturers to see.
If it is truly “celluloid” or vulcanized paper it should be safe but safe is only half, also needs to cut properly. Sometimes for the second one, you just have to be the pioneer and find out.

edit: beyond outgassing safety there is flammability, anything that there is not a lot of info on I’d try on a very small piece and watch it like a hawk.


This came up In the forum once. Maybe not an exact match but:


I have the “Pick Punch” and through some research found that just like celluloid film stock, the “real” thing for picks needs to be carefully watched for condition (storage, processing, etc.) cause it has a nasty habit of bursting into flames when you least expect it. They tell me that’s why getting the actual “Real” stuff is a rarity since there are few makers of it left. Apparently, the cellulose part is actually (or extremely close to) “Nitro Cellulose” which we all know can be an explosive.


Used to be a favorite accelerant for arsonists in the first half of the last century. :slightly_smiling_face:


A whole bunch of celluloid picks catching fire could give a new meaning to “burnin’ down the house”.


Thanks for all the info!! I have come to the conclusion that I will not use it. Does anyone have suggestions as to what material would work great for making guitar picks with GF? This band wants about 25 and soon (of course…) LOL

If you haven’t already, the post that evansd2 pointed is worth looking at, there is a discussion of various materials that could be used.


Styrene, aka hips, or high impact polystyrene, is great for it. That usually what credit cards sre made of, which coincidentally make great looking picks. Also you can look for pick guards sheet.


Since you mention pick guards, I have a link if anyone has a use for it? Take a look here:


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