Heart Shaped Candy Dish

Nice. And a question for any AI people here. You say that the living hinge isn’t really stretched at all, so it is just a cutout piece pretty much just as long as your groove. Is there a way in AI to measure the length of a curved segment, like the groove? If I draw the groove, can I easily find out how long of a “flat” living hinge piece I will need?


So how I do the groove is I draw a line in the shape of my groove, the brush size is dependant on how thick the wood is. I normally make the groove (brush size) a little wider so it has some give, especially if it is a complicated curve. I’m Illustrator you can select your line you’ve drawn for the groove and there is a tab called document info and one of the options is object where it give you the details of the object you have selected. Which include length. Once I get the length I convert my line to a outline path. Hope that helps.


Thank You!

Happy belated birthday!!

It is beautiful! Adding hearts to the hinge only makes it so much nicer. I love hearts.


This is fantastic!

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I would love to know how you made this, and how you calculated everything. It is beautiful and your Christmas Tree is the same. I can’t wait to get to your skill level with the glowforge.

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Very nice live hinge design. Beautiful!

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I love it! I got so many compliments on the Christmas tree one that I got from you as well! I feel like I need this one too! Very nice!!

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I’ll have to create a little video.

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