Help me hold on!


You are not alone… I go through the web search and watch a bunch of videos once a week and then calm down and decide to wait again… We should for a support group…


If you need some inspiration to excite you, go look through the ‘laser made’ category! I will be the first to admit that the struggle is very real when I think of the wait to get my glowforge, but in my opinion it is 200% worth it. being active on the forum has really helped!


I just keep thinkin about one of those globe lamps in the intro video except it will be the Death Star, or a Tardis from Doctor Who candle holder. Things that you can not buy but that you can make. :grinning:


I’ve been wanting my own laser so long for me it’s at least now a wait for a determined conclusion, which helps. I spend the wait time working on designs with new motivation, because I know soon I’ll actually have the equipment to complete them. I’d suggest lining up some projects you’re going to tackle when your machine arrives, conceive of more, and even pre-order some materials to play with and get a feel for. You’ll have your machine soon enough, in the mean time, take advantage of the lead time and get ready to make awesome stuff!

EDIT: One other thought: Not to be snarky, but what’s the point of canceling?! If you cancel, you have nothing to wait for and will never have a laser to make stuff with! At least now you know you’ll have a laser eventually.


My personality is not always in the normal range. Monetarily a million dollars doesn’t have any more significance to me than $10. Which is probably why my checking account is always pretty empty. Still, one advantage is that within an hour of hitting the “Buy Button” , I felt about the money the same as if I never had it. It’s gone. At some point in the future it will feel as if a free Glowforge has shown up on the doorstep. Also, I ordered on day one after making a back of the napkin estimation of delivery date. Decided late April or early May was the most likely delivery date for my unit, still feel the same.


Personally, I have not found myself struggling to hold on, in large part due to the forums.
Everyday I spend just a bit too much time reading through the posts, and finding little gems: potential projects, workflow improvements, different (and often better) ways to utilize various software, reminders of methods or strategies, and just generally the feeling of an enthusiastic, creative and helpful community that has been lacking for me ever since I moved last year.

I am humbled by the knowledge and skill that I see here, which has forced me to continue learning and dreaming. I have made attempts to help others who have questions, and in some cases I have helped. In other cases I have learned that what I thought was the correct answer, best practice, best product, etc. was wrong… and so avoided mistakes or problems that I would certainly have encountered had it not been for the wait time. With each new discovery I think again that the delay between ordering and fulfillment is in fact a boon for me, as I will be exponentially more prepared to start realizing projects once the Glowforge does finally ship.

And hey, free book!


LOL! Me too… But I never buy anything I do not have the money for.


Me too…mine’s already paid in full…and yes, the money is gone. There are two up sides to this. Either I get my ‘free’ Glowforge (I like that!) or if something goes haywire, I still get my ‘free’ windfall money back. I am doing as others are, using the wait time to think about projects and get my work space in great shape and make it a comfortable and fun place to spend a LOT of time.

Of course, really guessing here…but I’m thinking maybe June for me. If I’m lucky.


I’ll tell you where I’m at. While I am a recent pre-order I can’t be more excited for it to arrive… even though I know it won’t be for months and months.
I ordered the Glowforge after seriously looking into an Epilog laser so I could start a business. The Glowforge has it beat in so many ways even if they deliver on half of the feature list. The size and cost alone were enough to sell me.

I guess a good thing to ask yourself is WHY do you want it? So far I’ve come up with lists and lists of stuff I can do, I’ve learned a handful of new tools and this forum has been a wonderful source of inspiration.

If you feel it is worth holding on maybe try to find ways to keep yourself excited. Lay out some cool designs in your favorite vector tool. Sketch out a cool board game you wanted to prototype. Watch some leatherworking videos. Look at cool hardwoods! Those are the types of things I’ve been doing!


I bought towards the end of the campaign, so I doubt I’ll be getting mine till June. Hopefully since I got a Pro it will be sooner(dreams I say, DREAMS!).

The only thing I can say that would be a bonus for me to cancel is I bought it in Canadian funds. I think the dollar dropped about 10 cents since I bought. Canceling would be a little on the profitable side. Then I could use those profits to buy a cheap Chinese laser and get it sooner :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also Canadian. That price difference was a HARD pill to swallow.


Thanks for the feedback! Im good again for a while :slightly_smiling:


Another Canadian here. I will say it was also hard to swallow.

After exchange rate and taxes and delivery it will have costed me nearly double. I bought the PRO and at the end of the day once its in my hands its a thousand short of being double the price :sob:

…and…I’m a complete newbie to lasers with no experience in any of the software used to create stuff. lol. Sometime I ask myself what did I just do. I’m a network admin so I’m computer literate and will probably be able to pickup the software usability side quickly. (I hope) lol

I’m also counting on my wife to help come up with ideas to turn into something and hopefully sell some of them to make a few bucks back to help with the cost.


In examining my own thoughts and feelings about why I ordered a Glowforge, I have come to this conclusion; I don’t know why I bought one, really. I just know that when I saw what it could do that I was bound to come up with my own reasons. This may be a bit backwards from most that bought one, as it seems a very high percentage of folks already know about lasers, vector software, and materials. I know pretty much nothing. I am a clean slate…just ready and waiting for that new-fangled laser chalk!


@Xabbess Yass! Those are exactly the words right out of my head! I have no clue why I bought it. I just knew I needed to buy one. lol. I think I just thought holy cow, look at that thing, look what I COULD do (if I knew how). I just want to be one of those creative people at the end of the day because my job now just has me sitting behind a desk starring at a computer not really being creative.


I dont struggle with wondering why or questioning if I should cancel or not. I just have daydreams about using it and making awesome things, and hoping that time goes by. Talking on the forums makes the time go by a little faster. Theres no way I am going to cancel though. I cant wait! Im going to engrave so many things!


A group blind date!
t’s going to feel like Christmas when they call for my shipping address!
Soon enough it’s going to look like a grenade went off in my shop again.

Money comes and goes across life, it is the experience and the memories that stay with you.
More than a fair trade.


I have no specific use for the Glow forge. I am an amateur woodworker among many other interests. I had considered the Epilogue but could not justify the cost with no specific use in mind. I love to learn new things and to see what I might be able to create. While I am excited to get mine, I have lots of learning to do before and after it arrives. Part of the excitement is the anticipation of its arrival and the dreaming of how I might use it. I also don’t mind the wait since with each passing week I expect improvements are being made from which I will benefit by receiving a better product.


I have just decided that I have prepped enough. I am working on the bandsaw so I can mill my own wood. That’s keeping the monkey mind busy. I have only one request of the Glowforge team. Please show us some more neat items processed in the Glowforge. If I see another hand drawn acrylic refrigerator/desktop souvenir, I’m going to set my firewall to block until I get an email asking for a shipping address. I’m grouchy because I came home and found my iPad, alias my Glowforge forum vehicle cracked.


“If I see another hand drawn acrylic refrigerator/desktop souvenir…” made me laugh!