Hi I’m beginner… can some help me make laser cut box program from 3mm material … photo add…Thanks…

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I think you could easily design that box using the box generator mentioned in this link:

You would have to revise the design after bringing it into your 2D design program (Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, etc) to make the open section, but that should be an easy operation.

PS: There are a bunch of additional box generator websites in the following thread:


Here’s a large roundup of box makers that I linked to a while back:


There is nothing wrong with the box generators above and you may well be able to modify one of them to get what you want but if you plan to do this sort of thing in the future you should go ahead and learn Fusion 360 and design them yourself.

You can find lots of help in these links. The first ones use building a box as a place to start learning the program.

Good luck.


I can pay somebody for make this prog for me!!! I just start use Inkscape, but I still don’t know how to change from box to my drawing!!! Thanks … my email is

Hello, you should really learn how to use one of the online box generators posted by cynd11, or if you want to become a proficient box maker learn fusion360, or another CAD program, as referenced by markevans36301. Inkscape is a poor tool for making three dimensional objects.

In the meantime, I believe what you want is attached. Because of the size I had to split it into two files. Also, I made a stupid math error and the sides are 3mm too high. Based on your sketch, I assumed your dimensions were inside and not outside. If not, then it is 6mm too large in all directions. Come to think of it, the open area is 3mm too short. This is what happens when the help is free. I hope it works for you. You can always modify it in Inkscape. (2.4 KB)


Thanks so much!!!

Hi… thanks for box,but is not working… too big gaps in joints( not hold together)I try to fix, but I don’t know how!!! Can you help and please send me your PayPal…I can pay you… thanks

You need to glue the box. Just place glue on the tabs, don’t worry about the inside wall between tabs as there will be glue on the facing tab. If you don’t have clamps, rubber bands or other ad hoc solutions will work. If you use a CA (Cyanoacrylate) glue you can just hold it with your hands for the couple of minutes it takes to set.

In order to get a snap fit, where the joints hold together without glue, I would need to know the kerf and adjust for it. Each material has a slightly different kerf and some materials are more forgiving than others. For example, acrylic doesn’t have much give and has to be exact, whereas most wood products have some leeway. If you search the forums for kerf you will find many discussions about it (be careful, the longest one gets a bit weird.) The online box generators referenced by cynd11 should have the ability to adjust for kerf. Additionally, if you live in a climate where there are changes in humidity and or temperature throughout the year, boxes made from wood products may swell and contract. This could loosen or burst a box that is held together with friction. My recommendation is to glue it.

I appreciate your offer of money, but I am not interested in perfecting a friction fit box. I’ve only made two for myself, and those are special use cases. I’m afraid if gluing won’t work for you, then you will need to learn the online box generators. Sorry.

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