Home automation and Glowforge

Tad bit nipply up heyah. Throw some sticks on the ol fiyah and eat ya some beans to wahm the house up theya deeyah!

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I was using indigo software that had some nice features, but had some serious downsides.
It did integrate Zwave and Insteon devices (I was heavily invested in Insteon at the time)
2 years or so, they wanted more money for an upgrade, like $100 upgrades. I never went Pro, so I hit the device limit, when the next update came out I found Vera. No upgrade costs, no monthly fee, iPhone app, cloud control, zwave, zigbee, Insteon, camera integration thermostat plug ins, $150-SOLD!

I dumped my Insteon, if anyone wants a great deal on gear I have 10 or so switches.