How do I make my GF hurricane proof?

Gonna hit us tonight and tomorrow, just woke up from a nap a little while ago to the siren system. I think we’re supposed to take the brunt of the storm in comparison to the rest of the islands, and we’re not exactly as prepared as we should be. Still have some time, but I’m glad for all of these suggestions, as I’m currently running a project right now with the machine, and would like to keep Harrison Glowforge safe through all of this!

Wish us luck, y’all! :call_me_hand:t4:


What a trooper! Wish you all the best. Will be praying for you all. It’s not fun. Still searching for normalcy.

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Good luck guys… :neutral_face:

Had not realized the threat there was so close until it was in the news. It is sounding like rain and attendant flooding will be the worst things and slides perhaps depending where you are.

Good luck and stay safe :fearful:

Wishing the best for you all!

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Looks like things will end up being just fine. By the time it arrives here near Kauai, if it hasn’t already, it should be downgraded to a tropical storm. 40-60 mph winds, I can deal with. 100-150 mph winds, not so much. I am planning on keeping the GF unplugged though. We have had some flickering lights going on. I have a surge protector that can handle up to 3420 Joules, but not worth the risk. I tend to use my machine about 9-14 hours a day producing wholesale items for local shops on the island and I may get a little behind on my orders, but considering the circumstances, I think it is fine to give it a rest for a couple of days. How did things end up by you @raymondking32?


Time to gen up the “I survived Hurricane Lane” swag.

Good luck! I lost a house for Hurricane Rita, took a hit from Hurricane Ike, and Hurricane Harvey flooded dozens for friends.


Still no sign of the storm over here, yet. Sounds like it may still do some flooding when it does come, though. Big Island has had a lot of water over there, so as long as we stay inside, we should be okay. Just glad that it’s moving so slow and the categories are slowly dropping. I agree, a tropical storm is way more manageable than the category 4 that it started out as…


I hope all you folks in the path are ok or have a quick recovery.

We use a microwave to reheat them at work.(Theyre really big bags)

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