How do you view your collection of SVGs?

Embird, my embroidery machine software, has a setting that will let me see image icons for various file types in Windows Explorer, including SVG. Embird has been temperamental (probably because I am using my Glowforge instead of my embroidery machine!), and has quit showing SVGs.
I have a large collection of SVGs and opening each one every time is really not the way I want to spend my days :slight_smile:
I found only one topic in the forums that led to this one from 2017:

which is version 0.1.1. I don’t speak code very well (BASIC on a Tandy Sinclair!) and am unsure how to use it.
What do you use to view thumbnails of your SVGs?

Have you installed Inkscape or some other software that uses SVGs? If so, another program might have changed the default app for the SVG files. You can check that in Windows settings under APPS -> DEFAULT APPS.

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Excellent Suggestion! Thank you! One of my many system updates has decided that Internet Explorer is the way to go. When I try to change the setting there, it only allows me to choose things in the App Store, not anything I have installed. I will have to chat with my PC further and explain to it how things are going to work!

I use a Mac. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Adobe Bridge; it’s free, no Adobe subscription required.

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