How much data can the the app use at one time before it stops the print?

What is the highest limit of megabytes I can use at one time when preparing a print on the app?

I don’t know if anyone knows an exact number - but it has less to do with megabytes/file size as it does number of nodes/complexity of the design. I know folks have talked about designs with 10s of thousands of nodes printing successfully…

2 years ago someone mentioned 25k nodes as max…but there have been a bunch of upgrades since then so…


Is there a way to track that?

Select the entire design in the node edit function of your app, it should show the number of nodes. Inkscape does, at least.

There’s no “hard limit”, I just found things worked when I got to around those numbers. The original design I started with had well over 100,000 nodes and would not load. I spent a significant amount of time editing it to get down to where it would.


I suspect it also matters how many curves versus straight line segments and even the syntax for those segments in the svg. Anything that requires math on the processing side is going to add up, curves and distance-based lines instead of absolute coordinate lines will require math.

I feel like the actual file size limit is 25 or 30mb. It will warn you (and specify the limit) if you upload a big enough file.

But that doesn’t sound really like your issue?

What exactly are you having trouble with?

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Have we not gotten piecemeal loading yet for oversized/complex files?

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