How to engrave a very hard wood knife handle

I ordered some knives and the wood is possibly koa or something like that, its very hard and kind of rounded with a couple finger notches. I have an order to personalize one. what settings would one use for the best result?

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I have moved your post to Beyond the Manual as that is the only area of the forum where we are permitted to discuss settings for non Proofgrade materials.

A search of the forum results in some posts about Koa so perhaps some of this information will be helpful: Search results for 'koa' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Nobody is going to be able to provide settings for “koa or something like that”…

You need to test on a sample of the material you have on-hand until you are satisfied with the results. There are dozens of threads on how to go about doing this.

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Number 6 will help you out!

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