How to use the Glowforge without the crumb tray for thick materials

Detailed walkthrough of how to setup and use the Glowforge without the crumb tray.
Hope it helps someone new or old to the system. Worth the watch. Item made in this video is being donated to a good cause.

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Great explanation! No longer mystified on exactly how to do this. Thanks!


No problem anytime. I’m glad to hear that it helped and you liked it.

I would redo it with a deeper engrave. Very nice design.


That’s what I was thinking too. Thanks for the input, it helps me decide.


Happy Cakeday @wenning08! :grinning: :boom::dizzy::cake::candy::lollipop:


Thank you! First time I actually got to see the cake next to my name I think lol. Missed it the other times.


Quick question, can you give me any insight on which one you’re using? I’ve used one that I believe might have been a bit too thick, so I’ve looked around for something thinner with no avail. Now a days the stores tend to sell the thick masking tape and in 3" wide only. Where do you get yours? What brand?

Amazon or signs wearhouse I believe it’s called transferrite medium tack

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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I use Conform Application Tape (Google it). Comes in various widths. I have 12 inch width and it works very well.

Wouldnt everyones tray be the same?

Within manufacturing tolerances, yes. Most run from 1.37" to 1.40" tall on the grid when they are seated in the dimples.


Thank you for the great video. I am trying to engrave onto a piece of oak for a cutting board. I followed your instructions and my material height is .1. I have entered that into the uncertified material setting as you have shown. My settings are 300 speed/15 power/450 lpi. Everything looks great, however, when I pushed print it tells me it will take 13 hours to engrave!!! What am I doing wrong?!

You might have to bring down your lpi. You might also have a very large engraving too? I’d probably do 125 lpi. Then increase power and speed. I usually do full power full speed 125 lpi for most woods.

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That speed of 300 is really going to really slow things down too and it might be worth trying vary power instead of convert to dots, because the speed is much faster. If you really want dots, I’d try upping the speed and power. The default settings are what GF believes gives you the best results, but that doesn’t mean other settings don’t work well too.