I am one with the Forge, the Forge is one with me

Last night I got a magical email from @Rita, and by this morning a glowforge arrived and was henceforth dubbed “the burninator”! I was up dancing all night. My girlfriend is not happy about how much sleep she got lol!

First things first, the old K40 was removed to make room for the burninator!

Oh man! Its HERE!!!

Laser head unboxing

A bevy of proofgrade® materials to try out! Thanks guys!

This box is HUGE!!!

And here it is! In all its glory! Ok kidding obviously. he was a good laser…

Its stretching out in its new home! ready to do some work!

@yves was right. It was almost exactly 20 minutes from the point I got the box into my office to the time I was able to hit print on my first glowforge piece. Very easy!

Proofgrade was a dream. All the settings worked first time out. This came out great. 24 minutes to engrave and cut on 225LPI. 1/8 birch ply. Im going to have to do a test on my k40 to see what a comparable cut would take time-wise. I can tell you its WAY longer.

Making an SVG for the forge is really easy and straightforward. I made two layers for this guy. One was the outer cut line - stroke with no fill, the other was the engrave - fill no stroke. Boom, was ready to go!

So… Unfortunately I have to go into the office now, but I will definitely be posting later with more forgie goodness!

If you have any questions Ill be glad to answer them!


Can’t wait to see what you can do with it!


One thing to note, is that the glowforge definitely lets you know its doing work…that fan moves some air (and thank god because my k40 didnt and my house filled with smoke every time I used it).

I found that a significant amount of the noise generated by the machine comes from the fan, and standard ventilation tubing is not designed to muffle sound. I highly suggest wrapping your tubing with sound dampening materials along with an outer sheath of metal or harder material. This will cut down on noise SIGNIFICANTLY.

I used bubble wrap from the proofgrade in the meantime until I can fashion something more functional and durable, but it helped a LOT.


Awesome! Glad to see another pre-release in the wild!!! Nice print by the way!


Just to add, keeping the hose as short as possible and as smooth as possible will help as well.


Aye, I have about an 8 inch run, straight to the external port on my window. It would be shorter if the hose condensed any more =P. I think this is about the shortest run possible without cutting the hose down.


That is a beautiful piece!


Wooohoooo! Congratulations! And that wolf is gorgeous! :smiley:


Good for you!!! Looking forward to your creations. :thumbsup:


The wolf is truly beautiful!

question wrt to the proofgrade materials - what are the dimensions? I’d like to set the document properties/page size to those dimensions in Inkscape.

hm… [quote=“takitus, post:1, topic:4550”]
So… Unfortunately I have to go into the office now,

I think a sick day is in order - you didn’t get much sleep :wink:


It is like all my friends are being raptured and I am left here in noburnastan.

Do wonderful things with it.


Try a chunk of rigid pipe (sucks for alignment I guess), or even cut off most of the hose?
I bet it will be even quieter.


Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing the awesome projects you create. :slight_smile:


Congrats! Enjoy!

So is the idea that pre-release units will be replaced with true production units? Or is that just betas? If so, you might want to rename to Burninator LT (limited time). Or else you’ll have to have Burninator 2: Judgement Day. Or, my personal favorite, Burninator 2: Electric Boogaloo.


LOL, cute, and yes, all pre-release units remain the property of GF and will have to be returned at some point. Hopefully, for the chosen, they will get their own very close to having to return the PR units. I’d find it even harder to have had one and then not than to just be waiting!


Congratulations! I was hoping you would be the next one to get one! (You should have been the first one, IMHO).


Wow! 20 minutes from unpacking to print? That’s amazing. Almost as amazing as your first print!! It’s fantastic!!


Congrats! I’m excited to see what you will make! Now if @rebecca gets one, the next Glowforge Talkshow can have dueling Glowforges!

Three Glowforges, one random suggested project from the peanut gallery! Who will design and print there design first!


Congratulations :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: great job with the wolf. And you can give us a reference between the advantages between a K40 and the GF :glowforge: :grin:


Awesome! I somehow expected that you would be one of the next 'Forgers. I love your project and can’t wait to see what you do next! I know you are anxious to test 3D engraving, not sure it is enabled for pre-releases yet tho.