I have no idea what I am doing and am in desperate need of someone to tell me how

I don’t use canvas rotation, myself. In general my understanding is that it’s an artistic tool, used to get a better preferred angle for your hand movements or for perspective, akin to tilting your sketch pad or using a mirror when painting to ensure your proportions look correct. I do all my “drawing” with bezier handles, not with a stylus or more natural mouse hand movements.

So, I know canvas rotation is there but it doesn’t help my process so I’ve never really gotten into it. Mostly when I accidentally do it my brain goes “no no nononono” and I quickly flip it back :slight_smile: I’d be curious to know if anyone else uses it and why.

Discussion about mirror technique here:


WetCanvas, wow! There is something I hadn’t seen in years.

It’s been explained to me that we have visual biases and gradually start making accommodations for small mistakes adding up. The mirror flip quickly points them out.


Like how Zoom mirror looks normal but the flip looks weird - you always looked that way, it doesn’t look weird to other people, but it was more familiar in the way you were used to seeing so your brain just let it be.


I really like Logos by Nick as well. Pick some simple designs and follow along with what he’s going.

And I want to agree with those who point out that vector software is a completely different way of thinking. You have to shift your mindset, especially if you’re used to doing photo or video editing.


I wish I knew what to ask I don’t even know the terms. I asked someone I know about selecting and image and it cutting something out with these dotted dashed lines and he told me that doesn’t exist but I have seen it happen with other videos. I tried to find those videos and I can’t also when I tried to do what I remember them doing nothing happens. ( Side note I don’t even know how to add a sad face on HERE when pressing emoji’s, words come up instead of the emoji face so picture a sad face please)

Thanks for all the listings of things. I don’t quite understand the last paragraph is that in inkscape?

I have been breathing for days and have stepped away from the GF and tried coming back but same issues and I swear I thought the stamp thing was super easy.

I have taught myself many different things in my life how to knit, crochet, play several instruments, read and write music, draw and many other things but THIS right HERE! INEED help. I signed up to skillshare but the thing about youtube and those other learning platforms you have to go through a whole bunch of lessons and you can not ask someone to pinpoint the answers to specific questions and the programs don’t always match yours. If you have FaceTime or WhatsApp or you want ME to setup zoom I will do it.

That’s ok, just describe what you’re trying to do, and we’ll help figure that out too.

It can be, depends on how fancy you want to get. Again just start a thread where you tell us specifically what you want to do and people will chime in and help out.


None of which involve computers which is a different universe. I also did many crafts from jewelry to glassblowing and every one had information/ideas to feed the others. This is also true of things computers do but neither universe has much to feed the other except directly at the interface.

If you can draw well, and have a good hand with that, You can draw with Inkscape, before trying to manipulate the drawing. Drawing in Gimp also is a good way to start. Just using the drawing tool you could do better than most of us (with several flabbergasting exceptions)

Also, the only thing a laser can do is cut or engrave, better perhaps than almost anyone with saw and chisel, but still, no more than that, If you have experience working with wood carrying on from that point is little different as a computer is no longer involved at all.

If you have little computer graphics experience but can write or keep books, you are ahead of not having that much. I have no idea where you need to start, but painting the Sistine Chapel is not a good place to start on your first project, even if you had someone right there trying to teach you as you did it.

If you joined the Premium thing there is enough to give you nice results without Inkscape, but it would not be your work, in the way you are used to.

You could also do your drawings on paper and scan them in with the camera built-in in the Glowforge but I am not very impressed unless it was very sharp contrast like with a black sharpie, and again the Outline widget in premium would almost need to be necessary unless you were using cut out circles or tiles

But if you want to work in Inkscape, I would ignore trying to build for the Glowforge and start doing line drawings and then experiment with the different buttons. Meanwhile scanning in drawings and printing them on tiles may be a good start there as well. It would take more than you or a teacher could stand to paint the Sistine Chapel starting with what minerals to look for to make the colors you would need.


Do you have a picture/example like what you’re trying to make?


Yes, it works that way in any of the design programs.

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