I think I need some help

Hey guys, i’m sort of new to the glowforge community. I already have found myself pushing the bounds of what this machine can do.

Here’s my issue right now. I’m looking to engrave this wood metal tray but the problem is it’s going to be thicker than the crumb tray so I had to take that out. The wood thickness itself is 0.27" while the metal handles themselves reach about 2". I know the laser head nor the arm will have enough gap to pass under them without increasing the gap. Thus changing my calculations entirely. If anyone has some advice or answers let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

You have to remove the handles so the surface falls into the range that would normally be available if the bed was in-place.


Problem with that is the handles are welded in there. Unless I bent them back without damaging the frame.

Here’s a diagram from a tutorial showing what needs to be done:

The normal surface of the tray is “0” and you can go up to 1/2" above that. You can only print within that “correct range”…


… and here’s a gauge I made to measure the focus height setting, that also serves as a quick way to check if you’re in that range:

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I see. So I may not actually be able to work with this piece unless I can bring those handles down. I appreciate your insight! I’ll see what I can do.

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It might also depend on the height of the rim as well. The total height that will fit in that space is just over 1/2" (to clear the air assist fan duct, not the base of the head/carriage plate)…


Can you take the wood piece out?


I appreciate that sizing tool. That will help so much in future projects.

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… or work with a piece of veneer or thin material that could be glued down inside.

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I didn’t think about that but I might be able to!


Looking at the back i’m actually seeing small screws to remove the wood. You guys are a life saver! I’m not very bright when it comes to woodworking or improvising. Thanks a lot.


Lol… a lesson for you but also for others reading here! :ok_hand: