Illustrator help with dashed square

I can’t figure something out and it’s driving me insane!! I am trying to make a small gift card envelope and I am trying to make a dashed square in Illustrator. My problem is that when it cuts the dashes it cuts little tiny rectangles instead of just a line. Does anyone know how to convert dashed squares into plain lines to cut?

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If you just expanded the dashed lines then little rectangles is what AI made.
The easiest way to get true dashes is with a custom brush.

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I saw that post and I already tried that but it still doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Which step is failing?

Let me try this again. The step that I couldn’t get was make a new layer and delete the old. There is no “old”. I got it to cut the lines but glowforge cut them twice, it would go back and forth. How do you get it to go just forward (just once)
I tried the custom brush but when I made a square it looked like a Picasso painting! Maybe my line was too long. How can I edit the length of my brush once created?

Araceli :blush:

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