Illustrator svg warps image on save

Aloha amazing team, I was hoping to get some illustrator advice.

I have noticed that randomly when I save an SVG, the saved file when re-opened does not match what I had initially saved, and the image gets extra artifacts, and looks like a poorly traced image instead of what I actually saved.

Example: This was a crisp font, and perfect logo, now it looks like it is a photocopy of a fax. (this is actually a pretty mild one, I have had some pretty crazy ones)

Has anyone run into this? If so are there any solutions?
Thank you!

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Post the svg settings that you’re using please?


I no longer use illustrator but if you posted a screenshot of the original and also the SVG, I could load it into Inkscape and see if it’s a result of the save, or the load.

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Save As and Export are different in AI. I think the main thing to watch out for is the
decimal places (rounding). A decimal place of one will make a smaller file , but less accurate. I fond that three places is good enough for the Glowforge.


Save As


For best results with creating SVGs for the Glowforge, I’d suggest these settings for Save As:

Fonts: GF cannot handle text directly, it must be converted to outlines in order to engrave or score.

Images: Embed makes sure that any bitmap images are included in the SVG, rather than being linked to from a specific location.

Decimal Places: 3 works well with both Metric and Imperial measurements.

Responsive: Great for websites, the root cause of almost all sizing problems in the GF gui. Should always be unchecked.


For what it is worth when I bring an svg into Inkscape I do a union all by itself to clean up glitches in the file and usually have to redo the outline color after that. that may not be relevant to your problem but worth checking.


In addition to the tips above I would recommend saving your cuttable file as a PDF unless you need SVG for a specific reason.

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I agree with checking the settings but wanted to also just say - I would keep your original somewhere safe, and in .ai format just to make sure the original doesn’t get messed up. And always start from that one.

You are probably already doing this, but figured it’s worth mentioning.

Side note:
I don’t have mine converting to outline when I save it, though. It sounds like that might be better - because occasionally I forget to convert that before I upload it.


Strong agree. I never want to open the SVG to make further changes. Use the native format to preserve everything.


Thank you @bwente @dwardio @GrooveStranger and everyone.

I was just using default settings for svg save.

Is there a save file macro that will save it to say PDF without me prompting it each time. Trying to decreased the amount of copies of files I keep, ai v.s. pdf, vs svg. it has been svg all along until recently with these annoying glitches.

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This might be what you’re looking for. There’s a fix for the stated issue. Might be worth a try.


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There are two scripts that ship with Illustrator.


They are under File > Scripts those might do what you want, you can always modify them as well.


What I do, for what it’s worth, is to save as an Illustrator file right away, and then whenever I hit cmd-S, it’s just going to save again without prompting. When I’m ready to send it to the Glowforge, I use copy and paste (when that’s not broken), otherwise I go for the semi-obscure “Save a Copy” option. It’s only a couple of clicks to change to SVG, but the advantage is it doesn’t remember the name or file type, so as I continue to work, it keeps saving in the original AI file. If you just use “Save As”, then any future saves are going to default to the SVG instead of the original.


Yeah. If I’m saving incremental changes for any reason, I try to add something to the name to indicate what stage the design is in. That is just to save myself from rework if something goes wrong, I can pick back up at the last point before things went wrong. Then when I’m done I go back and delete the other copies. (YES - if you don’t do that part, you’ll end up with many files lol)


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