Inkscape box designer

Has someone designed a plug and play box maker program in Inkscape. I am looking for a program where you can input the dimensions and thickness of stock to make a finger joint box or tray for a box. I make boxes of all sorts and I decorate the lids with artwork from GF. I am trying to get a leg up on the Inkscape software but it is a slow process teaching myself how to use the GF dashboard and the Inkscape program. Can someone point me in the right direction, I have nothing but time to devote to this project.

I prefer external box makers, then import the SVG.

There are lots of posts about this, including this excellent writeup some genius (ahem) posted about a roundup of generators:

But for most things where I just need a simple box, I like this one:

I think that the more advanced stuff like are overwrought for 90% of box projects, and I think the flourished corners on their output are unnecessary since we have clean corners. People love it, but I think it’s a terrible interface for just “make me a box”.


You can start with one of the online generators and pull resulting SVG file into Inkscape, or whatever else you like, to modify. These are popular:


Wow. Thanks to you and the Glowforge community!


Thanks so much, will look at all of the suggestions this afternoon. Having a blast with my GF. This community is great, I get solid suggestions to most of my questions.


Yes, I have one revised from an original box maker plugin from earlier versions of inkscape.

At the weekend I will see if I can get it so that I can send it to people


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