Inkscape - rounded corners?

Trying to replicate the free “hex coaster” pattern for a slightly different application.
I’m able to use the polygon shapes tool to draw the hexagon, but not get the corners to round like they are in the free ‘recipe’…



It is a bit involved but once you figure it out it’s not hard.


You can make rounded corners. Look it up in the inkscape documentation. Change the cursor to node edit mode after you have made the shape. It will have some large circle nodes. Pick one of them and draw it out to out a radius on a corner. Ther should be one to do it. It send a screenshot if it but I’m on a phone. Search rounded corners polygon


The inkscape walkthrough on rounded corners is very ‘obtuse’ when it comes to polygons and stars. they play around with stars a bit but don’t show any hexa/penta shapes. Hence my ask here…

EDIT: Yeah, I just confirmed - that’s the link I went through already. Talks alot about making cool star shapes, not a peep about rounding the points on a hexa/penta type poly…

Thanks I’ll have a look at that video tomorrow when I’ve some time.

Edit: Moves too fast, no audio, and hard to read subtitles. Guess my 50 + yr old eyes can’t handle it.

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Yes. the video is not clear and the way rounded corners work in the polygon shape isn’t what you want. I knew I shouldn’t post without testing first. sorry.

Reading the link I posted you go down to where it works with polygons.

First convert the polygon to paths: Path> Object to Path

Then create a linked offset. That will keep the original shape and make a duplicate with rounded corners. Depending on your preferences (under edit) you will be able to control the radii.


Here is the SVG. right click to save.


cool and thanks! I was lookin gat path effects and all sort of stuff that was not doing anything at all to the hexagon… I can work with this I think! Thanks!

Inkscape lacks a proper fillet/champher tool for rounding vertices. The work around is ridiculous but, it works in a pinch if you don’t need accurate dimensions. The roadmap says it’s slated for the .93 release if they can work the bugs out.


Yes, been looking at that thread in the inkscape forums. I have a lot to learn… Like how to mask so a logo can be overlayed on a photo… ugg! my brain (and materials waste!).

Ok - I tried to do exactly what you said. I drew my hexagon.
Then I did “object to path”
Then I did “path / linked path” and nothing happens? except it changes to the edit nodes tool…

Immediately after applying object to path, in the node edit, select the single visible node handle and drag it to the desired roundness. Linked offset creates a duplicate that you can pull to offset. I didn’t clarify that step that is needed with dynamic offset you keep the same shape and edit it. If you do object to path a second time, it will give more nodes that do not allow the filets or radii. As long as you have the one node handle, you can drag to make the curves.

zoom way in and you can see the single node.