International Customers - I think we got scammed to be honest

(I’ll crosspost this from the other international thread. Normally I’d just move this one there, but people are frustrated - and I understand, and don’t blame them - so for the time being I’ll leave it be)

For what it’s worth, we spend more per international customer than we do per domestic customer, even after taking the different shipping costs into account. International legal compliance, for example, is extremely expensive. International deliveries are hard on our customers, and on us as well.

So while it’s fair to say you’re being punished, please know that we are too, and that the punishment isn’t coming from us - we’re just trying to deal with legal and logistical costs as best we can and as quickly as we can. That means that we give you more attention (and more dollars) than our local customers… and yet you still get later service.

I’m sorry.


I know that of course but I’m writing from Mexico… we have tons of intl commerce agreements with the Us which include laser regulations. Our electric appliance normative is based off of the one in the US. So it’s not that hard… to get hat sorted out

Well then you just may get yours sooner than those across the pond…


I’m also doing this too. A Canadian shipping to a USA mailbox. I anticipated US addresses would be filled ahead of Canadian


As someone in her day job had to export to international customers there’s many hurdles and regulations that has to be covered met. My company once built the USA and Canadian coin counting machines and also made the ones for the Euro. The environmental standards were much stricter to build the Euro and as such those machines were more expensive to build and ship.


As i said in the other thread:

[quote=“Jules, post:19, topic:8391”]
Your government has it’s own rules, that are different from those in the US. It’s just easier for them to ship the bulk of the units locally, where they are familiar with the rules and regulations,[/quote]

I know i will be last on the shipping list when i buy a US product/kickstarter.
I know that is unlikely to be the case when i buy a European or Asian product.

I also know that as any product gets closer to launch we get these sorts of discussions.
I dont like being a second-class consumer but after 2 years of waiting i am not going to get my knickers ina knot over another 2 months.


Canada is not an extension of the US. We have A lot of similarities but we are not the same. We share a border but we are our own country.


I know and such a Great country . I never meant it in that way! I meant it regarding shipping and online shopping

Oh in that context I agree! My apologies, I do get sensitive when it comes to this sort of thing


Yeah them Canucks don’t like being confused with us Yanks!!! :wink::laughing:


It’s me!!! I’m sorry if anyone thought Glowforge was shipping internationally! I am Canadian but I use this mailbox company in the States to receive my imports. I personally drive over the border and pick it up then I do all the proper paperwork/pay duty/pay taxes/etc… chat with CBSA and bring my imports back to Canada!

Any questions let me know. I hope this clears things up.


Sometimes stuff is released in the US after it’s released in other countries. I don’t like it, but here’s what I do.


Which province? I never brought back anything this big and expensive before so I’m kinda nervous when I ACTUALLY drive it back. (Didn’t get the shipping email yet :wink:)

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I’m in BC :slight_smile:

I’m just crazy haha. Will document my adventure!


OMG - practically neighbours! I’m BC too :grin: - please document when you get yours.


So what does a BC’er consider nearly neighbors when the entire Pacific Coast of BC is longer than the entire US West Coast?


Haha… I did make a assumption that we both live close to the border and both live close to Point Roberts or Peace Arch. However that could be totally off. You are right, we habe a long coast :joy:


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I highly doubt people are getting screwed just because they’re international…and like to make costumes.


I’m in Fleetwood! Are you my neighbor? I use the Pacific Highway Crossing :smile_cat: