Introducing Snapmark (September 2018)

@jbv : Would it work to make a “carrier” for the collar that has the Snapmarks, from which you remove the non-Snapmarked collar after the operation? In that way, the carrier could be reusable for any design you’d like for the collars.

Yes, that could work, but it would be almost 30 inches long… kinda unwieldy. With just the loose strip of leather I don’t need infeed-outfeed support beyond a couple pieces of tape.

Gotcha - okay, in for a penny, in for a pound…

Perhaps a flexible carrier? Similar handling to what you currently have.

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do you need the snapmarks in the final work area? could you engrave them outside then have one of the operations be to cut them away?

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That’s an interesting idea… I could cut a full-size pattern on my plotter out of Mylar, with snapmark tabs along the length and afix the leather in place with double-sided tape.
(what I ended up doing on the collars was to use the light-score-on-masking visual alignment method, with magnets as a material guide)
I’m still curious about the choice to use :glowforge: instead of :eight_pointed_black_star:


@bonny just realized Notes on Working with Snapmarks™ 🤔 calls out reporting issues here and mentioning you. Oops!

No matching Snapmarks no matter what I try describes the issues I’m having with snapmarks - I opened it there until I remembered the tutorial mentioned this as a more appropriate place to go.


It could be precisely because it’s a TM symbol. It should not appear in any artwork we’re working with, unlike other symbols they might select.


It is weird to think they could try to stop someone from distributing a file because it contains the snapmarks. Hopefully the decision to use the logo is just cute and not nefarious.

I imported my Snapmarks into inkscape.
They appear to not be importing at the right scale. My measurement box on the imported snapmarks shows them to be 10.598mm.

That issue aside, when I export my Jig, and import it into the GFUI, ,y snapmarks are converted to an enclosed shape.28%20PM

I did try opening the template directly, rather than importing it, and got the same result.

Inkscape 0.92.2 MacOS 10.13.6 (17G3025)

Heres the size of the snapmark opened in Inkscape, note the size is not correct.37%20AM

Think best would be offer it to all users as an add on for a reasonable price.

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I am sure you have already changed the size of the snapmarks manually as a work around.

As for why this happens, I am not an expert in Inkscape or its peculiarities, but according to other posts in this thread it may have something to do with dpi, pixels rather than mm/inches and the geometric bounding box settings.

I have snapmarks with a basic :sunglasses:

Time once again for my cry to the gods of the ethernet… “Can I have snapmarks PLEASE”? TVV-297… @bonny

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Maybe if we leave Bonny alone, she can focus on her job and we’ll all get more features sooner. :slight_smile: I’m waiting with you and it stinks, but I think it’s pretty clear that asking on here every few days won’t speed us along.


I don’t think anyone being honest could say “falling somewhere within a quarter inch of where you place it” is precision optical alignment. This is the single biggest disappointment of my mostly fabulous Glowforge.

IF Snapmark gets rolled out it sounds like a good solution to the problem but the problem isn’t supposed to exist. I wish they would admit that they didn’t deliver what was promised up front…

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Are they no longer claiming to be in Beta phase with the “do you want your Glowforge” emails? That letter had made it very clear that taking shipping when I did meant accepting software that was not up to promised spec.

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My “Your Glowforge is ready!” email came in March '18 and doesn’t say anything about it still being in Beta phase. If the Beta phase is still going on, it was definitely not made very clear.

IIRC, it was in the user agreement one had to accept before they’d send it.

You know, that long form of text that most people just ignore despite being chalk full of all the information they need to make an informed decision.


I just opened the template again, but this time I tried Affinity designer.
It looks good, but after exporting as .SVG and opening in the GFUI, I get the same result with a filled snapmark. Is there a setting I need to use to get it to export properly?

I may try rasterizing the snapmark, but that’s really more difficult than it should be.

You shouldn’t have to rasterize the snapmark. It needs to present as a stroke for Scoring, not an engrave. Are you scoring it?