Introduction to the Forum and Instagram

Hello my name is Gianni and this is my first topic post. I am an artist from Ohio and I’ve been preparing my space/designs for quite sometime now. I invested in the Pro unit because my work is so intricate that introducing a laser into my process would save me time and yield next level results. Thee amount of content I have to throw at my machine when it arrives is vast… I can only imagine what everyone else has prepared.

I am choosing to introduce myself now because the wait is over. We are all starting to get emails about our forges and I want to see what my forum community is choosing to make so… Lets build some community and connect on Instagram!

my username is @GianniVincentt

Please comment your handle below so others have vision of your handle and we can all strengthen each other


Hello Gianni, welcome to the forum! :grinning:

Can’t wait to see what you have created. The early projects generally reside in the Made on a Glowforge category, so if you want to see what others have done up until now, you can go look there. There are many wonderful projects.

(And i highly approve your taste in pets.) :+1:

There was another Instagram group set up for those who do that sort of thing a while back:


@ryan.dunfee is mine. I haven’t used my instagram in ages but I plan on changing that when I get more projects on the go

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Welcome! @Jules Check out the hedgehog that wandered into his home It is on his instagram.

Yeah, I saw that! (It’s a cutie! Didn’t realize it was a walk-on.) :grinning:

He has 5-6 photos of it. It is adorable.

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My all time favorite photo of my guy Jules. Not many eyes have seen this.


He is absolutely adorable! (Looks alert too, mine was not the most social of creatures but he was a rescue from an abusive home.)

How long have you had him?


Ive had him for almost two and a half years now and he is my first pet… couldn’t of been happier with the turn out. Ive brought 3 friends to get hedgehogs from a breeder in Montepelier, OH. ( fun fact: apparently the second largest breeder in the states )


Does he squee? (Happy little squeaky sound they make when they are young…some of the regulars who have been hanging out here for the last year or so have kind of adopted it as a signal of great excitement…like when we get the letter…we tend to squee!)

There are even a couple of special icons for it in the Custom Emoti section at the very bottom of the drop-down menu…my favorite is this one: :hedgie:
But the guys like to use this one…it’s a bit more masculine :squeeee:

LOL! Anyway that should catch you up on what you missed. Be sure to check out the Made on a Glowforge category - there are even a couple of hedgehogs in there. :smile:


Welcome Gianni!



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