Iris Lid

I am so excited for the ability to make precision parts for assembly. I really like the way this piece moves and I think it would be an awesome lid to a box. or maybe a piggie bank if scaled down?

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That is actually the post that inspired me to make the lid for my Round Mechanical Iris Box. You can see it in the other tread:


I hadn’t your post! Great job. Your detailing is awesome.

@polarbrainfreeze Beautiful use of art-nouveau-steampunk tracery-filagree throughout many of your designs. Can you share what metal hardware you are using for your joins?

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I am still surprised whenever I start to read a post and see it’s a year old and somehow I am have missed it. Keeps the forums interesting lol


I don’t use a lot of hardware in most of my projects. For the box lid though, I did use Chicago screws to hold the iris pieces in place and let them swivel (one screw per iris plate).

Chicago screws are just 2 piece screws, one with a thread and one with a hole. Each piece has a large head to hold things together. Here is a picture from Google search:

You can get them in lots of different sizes and lengths. I just got mine at home depot (I think). They were pretty expensive per item. You can get them cheaper online, if you plan ahead.


I’ve often wondered what those are called. I should have known, having grown up in the Chicago suburbs.

Wikipedia says they’re also called “Sex bolts” :astonished:


Sex Nut has a much better sounding name…


Because it has both male and female parts?

I thought it was hilarious when I discovered plumbing terms were silly like this. I was just imagining a committee of, like, grizzled, experienced master plumbers deciding to name the connectors like they’re 15 year old boys, and giggling maniacally.


Versus some technical term like “innie” & “outie”? :slightly_smiling_face: It’s a shorthand that clearly identifies the part without any training or obscure jargon. I thought it was odd myself at one time when I was more sexist-sensitive but I’ve never been able to come up with a better alternative.