Iron on transfer labels

Since it is a felt pouch the thickness would not be consistent.
I would really like something like the Rowmark Laserlights where the top layer can be etched off and with an adhesive backing that would adhere to fabric.

How about cutting the label lettering out of the felt so you’d see the contents through it? To make it just slide a flat piece of stock inside the puch, laser, toss out the bits and the pull out the flat stock and replace with your pen. Maybe enough contrast to show the text.

You are buying the black felt pouches correct? Because if you’re having them made, then you should definitely look at the Johnson Plastics saddle collection. It’s easy to laser and should sew well.

That gets me thinking…

  • Laser-cut text into the felt bag with a stencil font
  • Turn bag inside out
  • Apply spray adhesive like 3M 77 to the inside of the bag, using masking and an insert so only the area around the cuts gets gooped
  • Apply a contrasting felt color to the sticky area
  • Turn bag right side out
  • High-contrast lettering should be visible
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No I am not buying anymore for a while. I have about 800 in stock.

laser cut a stencil from… whatever… make it big enough to cover the entire bag (to prevent overspray)… quick hit with spray paint, just a thin coat… or maybe bleach via a misting spray bottle.

Quick, easy and repeatable.

I’d do just a logo, or “Pens by Larry” and toss a business card in with each one.

How about iron on mending fabric. You could use white mending fabric, laser it to size then cut the letters out from it. Then just iron it on. Or use black engrave it lightly to create the letters. It is pretty cheap stuff and should stick well.

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