Is there a free box building website

I’ve heard of something like this but haven’t the slightest clue where to find it.
i was looking to make some pen boxes for pens that I have made for gifts. I have NO experience with inscape or really any program to be able to make things with this GF and because of that I am struggling to be able to use it much.


So many, and so many previous posts on the topic.

There are links to this in the matrix, if you search around.

Here is a massive roundup that isn’t GF specific but is definitely what you’re after.


…to name a few. :grinning:


Another Thread.

I wandered into this place with very little experience in design software, and this community did some serious damage to my ignorance.
I use Inkscape because it is free. The tabbed box extension for Inkscape works great.
In that extension, under kerf adjustment I found a value of 0.007 to give me a snug fit for medium proofgrade.


Look at my post on pen boxes. I really like the living hinge.

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This is great for paper gifts boxes. A ton of different shapes with dimensions that you input. It downloads as pdf that I know can be opened in Illustrator. Not sure about inkscape.


Thank yall all SOOOO much!! lots of great places to check out!
I will probably be MIA for a good but while I look over all these. lol
Again, thank you all!

again I apologize for my ignorance, but what and where is the matrix

Its what we call the collective knowledge put together by the members of this forum. Its located in the Tips and Tricks Forum but it links to posts throughout. The Matrix


Thanks for the link. I see that they have a fancier “front door” here:

I experienced some Apache errors using the fields in the other link.