Isopropyl for cleaning wood

Slight detail: Permatex Fast Orange Smooth hand cleaner. The pumace infused hand cleaner has crushed stone in it that will leave scratches and mar wood if you work it in. You want the cream non-pumace version.

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The Epilogue blog specifically refers to and links to the Fast version, with the pumice. I’m not disagreeing with you, I haven’t really tested it myself.

Heh… True enough. When I first learned about using Orange cleaner, I didn’t even know there was non pumace version available at the time. Pumace is fine on raw grained wood, but pumace will scratch finished wood surfaces and make it dull.

@Scott.Burns I just checked and it was in fact 70% so that might have exasperated the problem.

@PrintToLaser Yes, the engraving is facing down. The warp lessened a tiny bit when dry, but was still significantly warped. I think it was a combination of it being basswood and very heavily engraved. I cleaned it again and used a lot of water to see what would happen. It became almost spongy/rubber like and very pliable.


The only times I’ve had to do serious cleaning was after 3d engraving (ie no finished surface), and I used the pumice version spread on and scrubbed hard with a stiff-bristle scrub-brush. My wood felt smoother after, but I don’t know if that was just from being clean, from the pumice, from the brush, from a combination, or if it was all in my head.

For stains on finished wood, I’ve had good luck with automotive foaming spray window cleaner on a rag, alcohol wipes (from a de-commissioned 1st aid kit) and both 70% & 91% isopropyl on a paper towel. I never soak with isopropyl, just wipe then blot.

*i should mention that I actually really like the smoke-stained effect on a lot of the non-pg wood stuff I have done… and my girlfriend apparently loves the smell of freshly-lased proofgrade maple, so I have been making a point not to clean it.


There are some real artistic opportunities with the blown stain. Showing something in motion springs to mind.