I've passed $10,000 on my Etsy store thanks to Glowforge

Agree. Designs do not require much effort once developed. Low cost, high margin business that mostly takes care of itself. I answer 1 or 2 questions a month and have not gotten any significant complaints.


So How long does it take to To make one from beginning of the pour to the finished product?

Congratulations!! Always great to hear a success story like yours.

Which product are you referring to?

Congratulations. On your signs with names do you use glue to adhere the name to sign? Where do you purchase your wood?

Yes I use wood glue, although I am trying to figure out what other people do or find a cleaner way to do it because sometimes mine are messy and Im spending an hour or so afterwards cleaning it up after it dries. Maybe I am using too much glue? But I use a very fine tip so I am unsure.

I purchase my wood at a local lumber yard. They cut it for me and everything for only an extra $10 per purchase.
Buying ‘proof grade’ is just ridiculously expensive and not in any way business conscious.
For the cost of 1 PG sheet I am getting about 6 sheets.
What I get from the lumber yard would cost at least $165 of PG but costs me $28. Makes 0 sense

I ordered some 3m adhesive to see if it is cost effective to use. Everything I have seen you put it on the back like you put the mask on the front and cut like normal. It seems to be really great for the small pieces. I don’t buy proofgrade and have been getting my wood from HD.