JB's Glowforge is Here


now that there is no lysteria we should all go for ice cream?



Yay! Congratulations on your Glowforge delivery! The coaster looks great, I’m sure your sister loved it.
One unit closer, one unit closer…



I got the BlueBell. :smile:



Gah, thank you for saying this because I had somehow managed to completely forget about pass-thru access when planning how to rearrange my darkroom so that it can also hold our incoming gf. Hmmm. Now I need to rethink my plans.

+1 for puns.

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Hooray! Great news! You are going to have SO much fun!

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I’m using a welding cart with swivel caster on one end and fixed wheels on the other. I put the cart a few inches away from the wall so that it easy to swing it 90° to move stuff through the pass-through (from front to back… isn’t designed to pass-through the other direction). What I didn’t take into account was how I would support longer stuff when more of it is out of the 'forge than in. I’ve been using an array of magnets so far, but if I try anything longer/heavier/thicker I’ll need to figure out how to fit some type of infeed/outfeed tables into the space.



Love that stuff!

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Or you could do like Chris did: feed the pass-through work out a window! :smile:



We moved from central Texas to Ohio a couple years ago and I miss Blue Bell so much! When we were in North Carolina a few weeks back we saw a few flavors in a grocery store so we got a cooler and dry ice to bring some home with us, but unfortunately the Christmas flavors weren’t out yet :sob:



We’ve got some good friends who moved to Missouri a few years back, and we used to have to dry ice them care packages of BB every year. It’s the best. :smile:

They’ve started selling outside of Texas now, so it’s a little easier for refugees from the state to get their fix these days.



They sold it in the little grocery store in near my old place in CO. They don’t have CA distributers. $129 for 4 Half Gallons, shipped overnight… I can buy a lot of Ben & Jerry’s for $129.



Holy cow. You’d need to have a serious jones going for some Homemade Vanilla to spring for that. :neutral_face:




I’ve always considered North Texas to be the Ice Cream Mecca. Not only do you have BlueBell, but you also have Braums (I think they go as far south as Hillsboro). My wife will literally make a 3 hour road trip to Hillsboro around Christmas time just to get some of Braum’s holiday flavors :smile:

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OH man…

that is what I need to do in Fusion 360 Layout my dang shop!

I only need to make the tools as boxes. so that should make it easier

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Interestingly - I’ve found that while we love our bluebell here, folks up north (thinking Minnesota) are way more into ice cream during their summers.

Kind of like the shaved ice booths are really popular here, ice cream is like that up there.



As much as I love F360, SketchUp might be best for doing a shop layout. That is if you are okay with jumping from one program to another.



Blue Bell is like “meh” to New England and we don’t confine ice cream fanaticism to the summers :slight_smile: Used to be we had the highest per capita consumption of ice cream during the winter months in the U.S. Don’t know if it’s still true. But I’m in a town of 25,000 people (8,000 families) and we have 2 extremely competitive local ice cream makers who do both the normal shop thing but also provide it to local (and not so local) ice cream shops who sell it as “homemade” - they just don’t point out it wasn’t them doing the making :smile:



Little late to the party here, but yay central-TX-GFs. I’m in Houston, which doesn’t qualify, but we’ve got family close to Wimberley. Might just come up ol’ Ranch Road 12 and see y’all. I would definitely attend a Glowcon in, say, San Marcos; I wonder if Texas State has a maker club?



Better late than never they say!

It looks like they have a couple of Maker Groups/labs. I’d be down for a Glowcon in SM! I know a couple of others have been delivered in the “area”.

Here’s a project that popped up the other day that you might like:



We have a maker space here in San Antonio. 10BitWorks. They just recently moved to a bigger location and thus, their shop is in disarray.

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