Just a Box for Markers

Here is a quick box design for Alcohol Markers, this was just a test box, to make sure the marker inserts would fit, final box will come later. I intend to add magnets to keep the lid closed.
As most of you know about https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ I used boxes to design the outer box, added the insert plates in Affinity Designer.
The box was designed to hold “Master’s Touch” markers, purchased, at Hobby Lobby. If you need the box for different markers, change the holes on the inserts (2 of them) to match your markers.
Added the text and art with the Glowforge app.

Marker FlexBox.pdf (20.1 KB)

Have fun, John


Thank you. I love seeing tools organized well.

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Nice. Nothing like a good set of alcohol markers. Looks like Master’s Touch markers there… I use blick studio markers myself. :slight_smile:

Also it helps if I read the whole post as you said exactly what they were. :rofl:

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Thanks! This will come in handy!

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Nice share - thanks!

The flexible part of the box keeps breaking off. Is there any way to prevent this? Thanks so much for any ideas because this is a great box.

Very nice design on your box. Practical projects are my favorites. :blush:


Organization is key; well made here!

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I used proof grade Basswood plywood for the box and have not had any problems with hinge breakage.
I always arrange the hinge where it will cut perpendicular to the grain of the plywood

(I peal back a little of the mask on a corner to see the grain before I cut), then flex the hinge very slowly at first. It seams to me if I cut the hinge running with the grain they always break.
Hope this helps.


This is flexbox3 from the boxes.py generator, right? It seems like that doesn’t make enough hinge area. I made up for that in one of my designs by manually adding more hinge cuts (that is, using my vector drawing app to duplicate some of the lines). You might also try making the lid a tiny bit longer, but be careful… you don’t want to go from a too-tight, stretches-out-the-hinge fit to too loose.

Right. I think I should add more hinge cuts. What kind of wood would you suggest? I used the. Baltic birch.

So far I’ve only tried that design on PG draftboard (where I noticed the excessive stretching with the generated hinge) and on PG cherry plywood with extra hinge cuts. This box has two extra rows of cuts for the hinge, and it’s still a tight fit, but it doesn’t feel like the hinge is close to breaking like the draftboard one.

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Thanks I will try the cherry plywood.

Wow- am am new— 3 days into getting my glowforge and I am having so much fun. I am in awe about all the talent and sharing. I hope to post one day when I get the hang of inkscape- I am looking for more user friendly software but right now the Inkscape is the very best price :wink:

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You might want to look at Affinity Designer. It’s a little more user friendly and it’s $60 normally but I think someone posted they had a sale for something like $25.

There are a fair number of folks here using it so help is available :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome thank you!

The Silhouette Business upgrade was just 49.00 and I think it is the easiest of all of them.