Kitty Pinball Machine



Holy cannolis!!! I am on-board! I will definitely make this for my kitties when the file is ready!! Super cool! >^…^<


Why haven’t I seen these >^…^< and = ^.^= before ?



This is AMAZING! Such ingenuity, and such usefulness! I’ll almost definitely build one of these once mine comes in. My silly cat might love it.


Made a fun little video about the pinball game :slight_smile:


This is beyond cool!


I’ve had a lot of people ask if i’ll be selling this.

I’m curious what other cat owners think about cat safety and making the toy cat proof? Seems like it would be hard to make something that cats wouldnt tear apart and potentially swallow pieces of >_<


That rules. Can’t wait to see the SVGs; I’ll be building that ASAP! My cats will be fighting over who gets to play first!


Hm, nothing really jumps out at me re cat safety. I think my two would probably spend some time trying to dig the treat out of the hole at the top, and I’m sure they’d push it off a table or counter if that’s where I put it. Since it’s all acrylic, there’s not much for them to get their claws into, so I don’t see them really tearing it apart – although my ladies are so dedicated to shredding cardboard and eating power cords that I am probably underestimating the ability of a more plastic-focused cat to crack it open.

If they were able to break it open, I’d worry if there was a rubber band inside, but it looks like you went to springs in the final build. If the springs are truly fastened through the acrylic and not just glued, it seems like it might be ok?

I wonder if a disclaimer about small moving parts and using with adult (ha) supervision would be enough to cover you – since it only dispenses one at a time anyway, it’s a people/cat interactive toy and doesn’t really seem like something that would be best left hanging around in the kitty toy box.


Put a warning on the side written in Cat.


Good points. Its probably best as a supervised toy - I put it away after she’s had her treats


The cat doesn’t seem to have a problem reading the “pull for treat.” It seems you’d be fine with a warning in English.


I need one of these so I can get treats,… I mean for my own cats.


Freaking unreal!


Love this, how can we get svg.


Just a reminder, forum rules prohibit asking people to share their work for free. If they want to share the files, they’ll post them in the Free Designs section. :slight_smile:


OP mentioned they were planning to post the files, but I’m not sure if they ever got finalized for publication.

Touchy Fishy!


Thank you. New here.


Saw said posting and new here didn’t know it was. Thank you :wink:


Big WOW! Love the concept and the design and execution are top notch!! Did you consider making it work with some kind of treat hopper? My two food-obsessed cat would love that!


Absolute genius (the cat). Just kidding, you are a creative genius. Put a smile on my face.