KJP Hardwoods


On my pro, i would rather cut it twice in 1/8th and double up vs cutting 1 time with 1/4.
my xtool does a better job on 1/4 but since my raw inventory is mostly 1/8th, i have not spent too much time working with on 1/4.

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In general good walnut is almost scorch-proof. Like every wood it varies somewhat, and I have had some that was very problematic but I have had some that could be engraved or cut at 100 and full power with little char.

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So I gave this a try with a small bump up to 120. Worked on a small square so trying it now on my pattern (Welcome Sign with Sunflowers). I have found that occasionally test cuts behave better than the actually pattern so I am hoping I still have success.
Thanks to all!


It’s important for your tests to have straight lines, corners, and curves to simulate all the different ways the head can move, because YES!

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