Lake depth coasters

Asking where the file is, is against the rules?
I didn’t ask for him to post it for free.
On other platforms people ask for the location of files all the time. They post a link on where it can be purchased.
That’s against the rules too?

As I explained in a previous post, this category is not for file sharing. Designers with shops or webpages that sell files will post a link or their shop name in their user profile. This forum is not like other forums and that is what is good about it. The answer to “where is the file?” is most often on the designer’s computer and only there.

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I can see where the breakdown here is.

There is a rule in the FAQ that tells people to not ask for files. You weren’t looking for it to be given to you, just if it was available anywhere.

The community as a whole has basically taken the position of erring on the side of protecting designers and rebuffing any requests that don’t specify, “is this available for purchase somewhere?” or something similar.

So FYI, if it’s in the #free-laser-designs, it’s personal use only. No commercial use period. If a design is posted anywhere else, same rules apply if not stated otherwise by the poster.

And even asking if it’s available for purchase somewhere can get a hairy eyeball as around here, if it’s meant to be available, the poster will generally provide a link.

Welcome to the community and don’t take personally the protective nature of the community as a whole. There are many long term, prolific, and brilliant designers around here that we all watch each others backs for people who replicate or otherwise steal designs for their own profit here, fb, Etsy, or a few other places.


I’m the original poster and I’m sorry to say that the files are not available. Happy to chat about techniques for making your own (or at least as much as I remember from 2017)


yes I would love to chat