Laser Cutting ACP sheets

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Since glowforge can’t cut through metal, will it be able to cut ACP material.

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If you mean aluminium composite panels, then no it will not cut those. The aluminium skin is 0.2mm thick and aluminium is such a good conductor that a 40W laser will not heat it enough to oblate it.


Thanks for the information. That’s sad though.

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A quick look shows that a 500 Watt (or more) laser is needed to cut this type of material.


Will engraving be possible with glowforge on ACP or metals.

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If the aluminum is anodized, then yes.

If it is untreated (aluminum or other metals), then some thing like Cermark or other metal treatment will be required.

Tungsten can be “effected” with power and speed settings, but the above treatment materials would be best.


A lot of ACP has a coloured plastic coating. I expect that can be engraved to show the aluminium underneath.

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see this recent, very thorough, and well written post about ethcing metal: “Etching Metals with a complete laser newbie” Etching Metals with a complete laser newbie :)


Engraving (marking) on dark colored DiBond (ACM / ACP) works very well. It might not be as visible on lighter colored or white ACM.

Here is a post about my experience using Aluminum Composite Material, with photos.