Laser Origami. Interesting

Thought this is interesting and would like to share. What do you all think?


Very interesting! I hadn’t seen it before.

I found more info at . IMO, it’s a cool technique that’s great for some specific designs, where they use the laser to heat the material so it can fold down due to gravity, and when you can do so, the result is fast and strong compared to 3d printing, but it’s a very different design technique.

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I do agree, a lot of thought would have to go into the design and getting familiar with the “gravity” factor. The advantage of doing it with laser is that the foldings would be more precise and consistent (I guess?). I am guessing the stage moving down when it does the folding step is to disperse the laser so it would just heat up the area? I know GF has autofocus but can it be manually adjusted to achieve those effects?

you can turn off the auto focus. but regardless, you would only have 1.5 inches of space… that’s a very tiny 3d object lol

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love this!

Very cool, like @marmak3261 said though, Z travel will be an issue. Hopefully there will be a way to make some modifications to allow for more Z depth in the future (maybe a separate base assembly that would accommodate some sort of extensions?). This gives me some more ideas though, thanks for sharing!

Interesting, but not very practical.

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It seems like an amazing time saver.
No assembly and no gluing.
I love it!

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