Laser Safety Emoji

Took me a while to find this photo taken at the 2015 Maker Faire in San Mateo. This robot was programmed to perform the knife trick from Aliens.

Note the warning at the bottom of the sign. :sunglasses:


“However, much like the movie, there are some bugs to work out.”

And I only just stopped grinning like a mad man every time I thought of Luke with a light saber through his head. Then along comes this to make me laugh and laugh and still laughing.


In college, I was once in an elevator with a guy who had a little black spot on one of his fingers. And a matching spot on the other side of the finger. Laser puncture. He said it hurt like hell. (And the lab I worked in, if you were a real employee, not just a summer undergrad, they made you get pictures of your retina before you started work so that the would have a baseline for later medical care.)


I should be able to send you to my website to order one…
but that site is unfinished :confounded:, so for now PM me and we can chat

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Thank you.

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Not wishing to draw attention to unfortunate laser events, but …


Who is this guy? He does have a great site for CNC stuff. Love to see him with a Glowforge. Sounds Like Chicago a little or at least somewhere Midwest.

Can’t help I’m afraid, was just viewing the video and was amused by his onscreen comment given the posts by @jacobturner and @nigel above.

I went to the Google+ and to his web site but can’t find any name. He has a section devoted to K40s. @takitus, you might check it out if you haven’t.


I’m not sure but I will! Thanks for the link!

@jbv got that sign to me!
Nice aluminum body.

Just as I took the picture a moth stopped to inspect it…

Door to my shop. There will be an addendum that features a clarification on exactly what the hazard is.

Thank you Jesse!!


I’ve got to print one of those on paper for my office/studio!


@nigel where did you find that?
I have GOT to get me one of those!

So happens I’ve only got one useful eye to begin with.

[I really like pirate jokes, and Matthew 5:29 KJV]

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Hey @cmreeder… found it on Google.

When I was back in school (University of Edinburgh, graduated 40 years ago :cry: :cry:) , we Computer Scientists shared a building with the Physics students. I remembered that one of the labs had a sign very like the one I posted. Made me laugh every time I saw it.
So I Googled the phase "do not look into laser with remaining eye"and posted one of the images that looked like I remembered.

And these days, I too have only one useful eye (not laser related)