Laser tile

I’m seeing old posts about engraving laser tiles. There are some that mention a website to obtain them from. The website is no longer active. Did everyone decide regular tile was the tile of choice or does someone have a link to a new laser tile vendor? I guess a should mention that even Glowforge used to sell them but I don’t see them available from them either.

Glowforge never sold the laser tile. I only ever knew of that one vendor, and they were very slow and not great at communicating. :frowning:


I bought some of these tiles long ago. They arrived broken and very poorly packed, but the one guy that was the entire company credited me for the broken tiles. Months later others tried ordering and the delay was substantial. The webpage has been down for at least a year, and I don’t think he is coming back to the market. Too bad, because it was an interesting product.

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There is a method using plain white glazed tile that offers promising results. That link takes you to a lengthy discussion on it.
I have used it with very good results.