Lasering Your Colon


Hope to get the time tonight


Love it ! Now I wonder how small you could make these? Just think business card size little 3d colons.

" Need a Dr.? Colon me"
maybe pickup line in a bar?
“Need a date? Colon Me” (replace date with friend, ride, to talk…)



Oh, I’ll keep throwing those macaroni statues out there as the likes and comments have taught me that I am often not the best judge of what people find useful.
I see that going the other direction as well. Often I find a useful tidbit in what someone else thought was a throwaway line.


Don’t feel bad! I just figured that out last week :wink:


This is great as is, but 3D engraving this model onto a coaster-like shape would be neat, too! Take the model and do this:

'Course, I don’t know the status of 3D engrave functionality at this point, so maybe a future project.

Next should be the semi-colon.


Will you be wrapping it in reddish saran wrap Doc?..looking forward to it. :eye: :eye:


Nice! I, like the others here, are disappointed that there is no diverticula or polyps? Perhaps a good use of PG acrylic?


Very good explanation of the workflow. It was easy to digest and eliminated all questions.



Please tell me you’re NOT going to fill it with that “poop” silicon you’re working on… :fearful: :astonished: :sweat_smile:

Silicone Material for Glowforge?


Haha. I suppose I could use @scatterbrains’ suggestion for depth carving those in…

That “poop” is of course not poop (well I suppose it could be, but I have way better silicone for poop generation) since that is for another experiment (which smells like poop, but is actually high-tech work)


Your skills are seriously friggen impressive!!


[quote=“henryhbk, post:30, topic:7269”]I have way better silicone for poop generation

I want this on a t-shirt. :smile:


ugh, I met a Gastroenterologist once in a social setting, and it took all of me to refrain from saying, “so, you must meet a lot of a#@%!!-holes in your line of work.” They probably hear that all the time.