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You’re not a Debbie-downer, you are being realistic and I appreciate that! The key words are “Shipping in December” not “Arriving at your doorstep in December” (Some will have to go through custom inspections etc… as well) Better hope for the best and prepare for the worse. Would be amazing to have our Glowforges before Christmas… one can dream right?


I thought the pre-release units were the ones going to maker spaces and some schools. (the ones that were supposed to go out late December last year.

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Hi Jamie - it was $500 during our initial 30-day crowdfund and $600 during the 40% off discount time.


No, we won’t know about December until the end of November.

Our goal with the prerelease units is that they’re so good that we don’t get any feedback that would cause hardware changes. Software changes can be made indefinitely.

Also scheduled for December, but on a separate schedule so it’s possible it could be delayed even if the main unit was on time.

We don’t forsee any gamble since if we make any changes to improve production units we will replace the prerelease units. I’ll hold off answers on most other questions about the prerelease units when they become available, as we’re not ready with all the details of the program.

If you’re not sure you want one, you can apply, and decline to accept it if/when it’s offered (which would return you to the normal production delivery date without any sort of “penalty”).

And I’ve seen it, and it’s cool!

Only if you get one of the pre-release units. There will be limited numbers of them before we switch to production shipping, and we already have >1,000 requests.

All things being equal, we ship based on order date (as I’ve mentioned before). The prerelease program is an example of where we will not decide based on order date. I don’t have any other examples of circumstances where we might ship out of order, but I’m sure we’ll find some as we sort through the logistics of getting orders delivered.


curious question @dan. Will the pre-release Glowforges have the proofgrade packs with them? Can we know what was decided to be a part of those proofgrade packs?


Thanks Bailey… I must have steeled myself to the $750 cost as that was the number in my head for if I decide to add it later. So in my head it didn’t go up… all good… :slight_smile:


Good q - we’ll share information on that when we’re ready to ship them.


I don’t know if I can participate in this forum anymore. On the one hand I learn so much, but on the other I was very late to this party and it seems so painful to wait until March or …? :cry: - Rich


Thanks for the update Dan! Give your crew a high-five for me. Keep up the good work!


I feel the same way about the Mars exploration/colonization programs. So many awesome things finally starting to happen, but we have to wait. It’s either hoping in the dark that something is happening or watching each step and being there for it. It’s painful to watch it happen and want it so bad, but in the process of waiting we’ve formed friendships and exchanged knowledge. heck, our community has come up with a lot of really cool ideas that might keep the Glowforge software engineers busy for years to come.
if you can’t wait, we’ll miss you. But if you can, why not dive in and start learning and downloading free ideas and start a notebook of all the things you’re going to do, and start gathering wood and cardboard and plexiglass scraps!


Great ideas. I am collecting lots of ideas from this forum. I love the Show and Tell category. I am a novice at software to use with GF. I have downloaded Inscape and Fusion 360 and will take tutorials and start saving files I want to make. As impatient as I am, I doubt I can stay away from this forum. Too many talented people with great ideas. Some of you invested a year ago and have endured the delays! I bet you can almost taste that December gift. - Rich :disappointed:


Well in that case…the price has always been $750. :wink:


I would recommend that you think of becoming more active, maybe even becoming a regular. Time flies and there occasional revelations/announcements that can change one’s perspective overnight.


Very delightful update. We all wait on bated breath with antici…pation!

edited for spelling thanks to @markevans36301


*bated. Unless you really meant with breath that smells of bait, in which case carry on. :innocent:


Had to do something to kill all this time.


Thanks for the catch… Dyslexia means I don’t always catch the spelling mistakes that are like this. :smiley:


Thanks Dan. :slight_smile:


At least your mistake was innocent. Never knew “bated” was a word. Never seen it written and people don’t talk that way 'round here.