Leather card sleeve

After having some problems cutting through proofgrade leather… Continuing the discussion from Full power? Proofgrade?:

I was able to use an xacto blade to cut it free and an awl to clear the stitch holes. Last week I ordered a basic leather craft kit from amazon and while I was waiting made a batch of vinegar black dye. I dyed my pieces last night and stitched up today. I am very happy with my first leather project. I can’t wait to get more leather for a second project.


Radical Badical! I didn’t know what that was and googled it. BTW what kit did you swipe from Amazon?


I am impressed with your studying. I haven’t tried any leather projects yet because I don’t think I can make the stiches look right. The black dye looks great too. :grinning:


stitching is not terribly complicated if you just take your time. a stitching pony makes it way easier.

SIMPZIA 18 Pieces Leather Craft Tools with Hand Sewing Needles Drilling Awl Waxed Thread and Thimble for Leather Upholstery Carpet Canvas DIY Sewing https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07435VDPD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_pItYAbSAREB06

That and a stitch pony. I would have made one but it would have cost more to buy the hardware and wood.


The real trick is repetition, repetition, repetition.

Over under front to back. I just watched a few YouTube videos while I was sewing.


That looks professional! :smile:


You totally nailed that first leather project! Did you engrave that pattern as well? It looks really nice!

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Thank you. I picked something simple to start with.

Yes the pattern was engraved. It got a little blurred together when I scaled it down. Kinda of a “hidden mickey”.


You can make it better on the piece before I colored it.


updated… here is the engrave layer


Very, very nice!

That looks awesome! I’m jealous! So you used the proofgrade leather and dyed it? I’ll have to try that at some point!

Did you dye it after cutting and engraving it? I’m assuming so…

I have been corrected that I didn’t actually dye it. I chemically altered the color. (Vinegar + Steel wool) + time = Vinegaroon which reacts with the tannin in veg tan leather. The pros are that it won’t wear off, it doesn’t stain your fingers, and it is cheap. The cons are the smell (not that bad) and it only does black.

Yes, proofgrade medium leather, engraved, cut, then “made black”.

What contributed to my success…

  • These forums
  • YouTube videos
  • A basic set of tools
  • A stitching pony
  • and a glowforge

from what i read, soaking it in the water/baking soda mixture was supposed to help neutralize the smell.

Did you stitch it last or put together/stitch then dye?

Thanks again!

Nice work!

As to this piece:

That’s just silly. Vinegaroon is an ancient form of dye.

a natural or synthetic substance used to add a color to or change the color of something.
synonyms: colorant, coloring, color, dyestuff, pigment, tint, stain, wash

PS. Have heard that vinegaroon can cause leather to really dry out or stiffen over time, depending on leather thickness & quality. Can’t say for sure, as I’ve never tried it on leather. Would be interested to hear how this piece wears over time, if you notice anything.


I bought some beeswax today and mixed it 50/50 with olive oil and rubbed it in. That should help keep it from drying out.



Great job!