Leather executive wallet

How were you able to adjust the map design file to fit and print on the wallet? Did you have it overlap around the edges, or did you somehow edit it to fit?

With this wallet I roughly cropped the map to the right size in photoshop and then placed it on the design in the GFUI. That seemed to work for a while but then I started loosing details. When I would import the file it would come in huge and I would have to shrink it down. I believe with this shrinking the GFUI was compressing the photo or adjusting it in some way that was resulting in words being unreadable. Now I’m inserting the photos in the design in inkscape and then importing through the GFUI.

How were you able to get the wallet design file into inkscape? I’ve not figured out how to export it from the gfui. I’ve tried copy and paste, but that does not work. I figured it was something that was not enabled since it is someone else’s design.

Notice that he had the design in photoshop. So obviously went from photoshop to inkscape. You can drop extra stuff in at any time.

So if you bought a item that you want to put a design on it you can drop that design in the GFUI and run them together and then after cutting etc you can undo your way back to the original as long as you have not left the GFUI.

I understand that. The problem is that the editing capabilities are severely limited in the gfui. Heck, even just selecting only what you want to select, is difficult. It would be nice to be able to export the design so that I can know exactly the dimensions of the pieces, and can add artwork that I know will fit. Trying to size things exactly in the gfui is somewhat of a crap shoot.

As far as I know, there’s no way to get a design out of the GFUI. Either you have the design already, or you get it some other way, but it’s not currently possible to download what is in the GFUI :pensive:

you could just print it in cardboard or other leather and measure of course making whatever changes you wanted.

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Yeah, I guess that’s the best option available.

The GFUI decides what is a thing by what is bounded and considers that an entire thing . Anything outside the “thing” or sticking outside the thing, or the boundary of the thing can be moved unless it came in with the boundary, in which the boundary cannot me moved off the rest. I had to separate them in Inkscape so I could move and rotate each of two parts that I could just lightly score the boundary to test for placement.

As for selection what other programs call “crossing” is how the selection rectangle works, rather than “window” so if the rectangle just touches a thing it will be selected. this is useful if there is overlap, you can only get the overlap part and select that. Ctl+A selects everything.

There is also a scale inside the GFUI that was not there when I first got Puff. I use that a lot and it is pretty accurate.

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