Leather stitching

How to I design and place the holes for stitching a leather project? I am learning Fusion 360 and would like to use that program. Thank You

In Inkscape you would create your hole and then you would create a path along which you want to place your holes. You would then select your hole and your path and go to Extensions -> Generate From Path -> Pattern Along Path. I don’t know if Fusion 360 has a similar feature, but it may. If no one else replies with a Fusion 360 specific answer you can try googling with the Inkscape info.

I know that Inkscape can produce some wildly incorrect results with complicated paths. I hope Fusion 360 is better at it.


I’m pretty sure Fusion 360 can do this, but I’m not adept so will leave the details to the experts.

For anyone using Illustrator the solution was brilliantly described by @likeablejerk and I’ve been using it ever since:

Hacking Illustrator (and CorelDraw) to make dashed lines for folding/tearing


Try this link: F360 Pattern Along Path


Hey, that’s me!


I will give that a try. Thanx