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Thank you so much for teaching us about lasering different kinds of leathers. I too have been looking for some sort of information on how lasering leather could damage my laser and haven’t found anything. I couldn’t respond to people with your level of expertise about damage to the laser so I never have. I only have my experience. I have been lasering both veg-tanned and chrome-tanned leathers in my GF for almost 2 years. I clean it often and am still using my original lense and mirrors.

Over the years I’ve had more than a few students ask “why” when I replayed some conventional wisdom. So I made it a practice to try to independently validate any of the things I was teaching that I realized weren’t based on real information but just “common knowledge”. I swear some classes turned out to be reliving my kids’ toddler years…:smiley:

GF’s advice is almost certainly FNL based. According to the referenced doc, the only safe leather is PG, everything else is in the suspect list with no caveats based on tanning method. Even the staff uses non-PG leather (it simply isn’t big enough for many of the cool projects they do).

I think it’s similar to the magnet issue. In certain cases it causes issues and they’re not “recommended” by GF. But they were very proud of the fact and highlighted in the marketing that the crumb tray is made of ferrous metal and not aluminum. That’s good for two things - magnets and hold down pins (which weren’t invented yet so that’s not likely the reason they chose steel). But there’s an awful lot of hand-wringing about using magnets. Just like a lot of things though, it’s all about how they’re used.


What an amazing tool tote! Wow! A place for everything!


Because I’m terrible with abbreviations - what do you mean by “FNL based”?

Friendly Neighborhood Lawyer (I’ve only ever seen it used on this forum) :slight_smile:


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