Length of venting question

Glowforge Basic setup today. It’ll be in my basement, so I’ll have to vent up to first floor. This means maybe 10-15 feet of tubing (the exhaust tubing sent seems to max at about 6-7 feet). Has anyone had to buy a longer vent tube and found it to cause issues? I’m worried the fan won’t be able to blow out the exhaust with enough force… or is that not really a concern? I can vent straight above, so figure two bend – one coming out of the GF and then another going out the side wall. Everything else will be vertical. Thanks in advance.


I can’t remember the length but if I remember correctly once you reach a certain length it is recommended to install an in line blower to help push/pull those gases away from the unit.

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There are a couple of topics on non-standard venting setups in the Beyond the Manual category. (Glowforge support can’t suggest setups on venting beyond what they provide in the manual for legal reasons.)

I’ll move your topic there so you can get ideas from the other users. This one might be close to what you are looking to do:

Venting through ceiling


@dan has said that the internal fan is designed for an 8 foot flex/dryer vent hose.

When you need a longer run, there may be issues.

Several discussions have been made about extended vent lengths, but you mileage may very as to your extension and fan boosting.


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Thanks for all the replies and help. I’ve reached out to my HVAC guy to see about getting his assistance. I believe the booster is a no brainer for my setup. Only problem is delays in getting this thing fired up!


Well here’s my finished project! Would have liked the crest to be a little lighter but if I did that I think I would have lost the deep engraving… Maybe im wrong ?


I think it turned out great. :slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful work :slight_smile: