Lessons for the Glowforge team about the forum

I’ll add my 2 cents to the discussion.

  1. I am eternally grateful that my mother and teachers actually answered my questions and didn’t just reply: “look it up”. They may have made suggestions as to where to find additional information and encouraged me to do so, but it wasn’t their “go to” response.
  2. Search on this forum results in an extreme amount of fluff and filler. I have to wade through a bunch of folks adding “yeah, me too”, “that’s great!” , etc. Nothing wrong with the replies, but in trying to find the clear answer in an archive, they do cloud the water.
  3. When you do find a concise answer to your specific question, there’s always the question of it actually being correct. I just did a search on “is it safe to laser leather?”. I dare anyone to read the search-returned posts and be able to determine a “true” answer. As an example, there were posts stating that chrome-tanned leather created gases during lasering that were dangerous to man and machine. I think they confused it with cloride. Yet in an early post, Dan stated he’s used, and seen the use of, chrome tanned leather. (note: I’ve done my own research and arrived at an answer I can live with, but my point is that a search seemed to return contradictory, if not actually wrong, info.

I guess I fall into the camp of encouraging people to ask questions whether they have searched the archives or not.

Done, thank you for the suggestion. I did get an adding-insult-to-injury auto response that it would take longer to get to me because I’m not an owner. :astonished::wink: Hopefully it will be followed eventually with actual help.

They will probably get to it eventually, but from a triage standpoint, they’re probably going to work on fixing machine related problems from owners first. (Nature of the beast.)

In the meantime, there are quite a few couples here that post using one email address - maybe you could use your husband’s address to post multiple photos on your builds until they get it resolved.

We’re not supposed to sign our names in our posts ,(it’s redundant), but in that situation it might be necessary.

(So we don’t call you Frank.) :wink: :smile:

I don’t disagree with this.

that said, I think there needs to be a much better way to promote the conglomerated FAQ posts that @Jules has made so that people look there when they first get started. there is a wealth of information in them.

Irrespective of the rules, things are a bit broken for trust levels. For example, based on trust level of other people, you should not be a ‘basic’ at this point, you should be a ‘member’. IIRC you bought your GF from someone selling theirs and that might be the source of the problem, but IDK.

And some set of rules have been posted on the discourse website, but the values used in the rules can be modified, and so who knows what they currently are for this site.

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It doesn’t say “owner” next to your name. I wonder if that’s why?

EDIT: Oops, I should have read further before jumping in!

Share an email address like some kind of animals?! :astonished::flushed::rofl:

Obviously people who can’t get their GF to work at all should be a higher priority. So far I’ve been doing fine by replying to my own posts (which does just show that the current system probably doesn’t actually accomplish its aims anyway). The no-file-uploading thing is annoying, though. I will ask him to share stuff for me if replying to myself stops working well enough. Thanks!


I worked in architecture a lot starting by making 3d models of plastic and foam core and eventually AutoCAD, all the time doing art work on the side as the art work never paid the bills.

When disability finally caught up with me I did similar things in the virtual worlds where you can sell an entire mountain for $8 or a house for $3 with the advantage that you can build it once and sell it many times, providing of course that anyone buys it at all.

I knew that I needed a robot to help with production, and 3d printers at first with such promise were extremely slow and conceptually that would not change easily.
Lasers were limited to 2d but with some ingenuity you could get 3d stuff out of them, so that was my focus to figure that out rather than the far off time the laser would actually arrive.

When the Glowforge arrived a month earlier than I expected it it was a big rush to figure what to set it up on, and my first ideas about everything did not happen that way. So I can sympathize with those similarly surprised.

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If your husband doesn’t use it because he got it for you as a gift, you might want him to email Support and ask they change the owner to you. That might lose you Founder perks though - not sure.

The other way you could do it is for him to have them change his email address & account name to yours :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn’t illustrate anything at all, actually. My time on the forum is limited because of life, not because of the content of the forum. The topics I participate in I do so because they are topics that interest me. The other topics or the basic help requests don’t get my time because I do not feel the need to contribute to all of them to hear myself type, not because they’re driving me away from them. I know there are tons of friendly helpful people on this forum that will help on those topics and my noise isn’t needed on top of it. :slight_smile: It’s kinda like Netflix, the number of really bad shows doesnt drag down the quality of the good ones, and we all get to pick and choose which ones we get into.