LIBRARY of User Info made for GF laser world?

@Dan Will there be any “library” of instructional info to access by us newbies to learn about better use and of GF and our skill development? The “hook” for making my GF purchase is the scanning camera ability of the machine. Now, as newbie, I can feel the need, for example, of info on how to start this journey with fewer problems, issues…of how to use the cloud for both upload/saving job info and then retrieval of specific job info to be able to create/make things…of how to achieve thinnest kerf…how to make multiple items on one 3mm product piece…how to get the best use from the functions of the GF. ETC. If the more skilled and talented might choose to submit helpful advice to help others here, that would be tremendous. A library of advice for each level of newbies/lower/medium/highly skilled makers…would be great.


Is this what you are wanting?


The link above has an enormous amount of community-provided information. We’re also creating a giant library of information ourselves. There will be some overlap, but our focus is more on Glowforge products (software and hardware), while the community’s done an incredible job around the tools that compliment your Glowforge, like different software packages.