Lid hinge adhesive questions

I purchased a Pro & filter system. Don’t play with the laser near enough, quite seldom actually. Recently the adhesive between the back of the glass top and hinge assembly gave up the ghost. GF graciously offered to repair but shipping alone is $200. Can’t afford that, any ideas? And what about the air filtration hardware?


I haven’t had this issue, but after reading about others and inspecting the way it’s attached, I would suggest 3M VHB tape. A strip across the entire length would probably allow you to pick up the whole machine by the lid alone.


Thank you for the suggestion. I have some sample VHB tape around somewhere.

Someone else had the same issue and fixed it themselves using glue & clamps. Do a search on glass fix or lid glass fix and you should find it. They reported that it worked fine and got them back running in just a day or two allowing for glue setting time.


Thank you for the help. That was the approach I was considering. I am not in any rush so dry time isn’t an issue.

There was a fair amount of discussion about which adhesive to use (my vote was E6000 but IIRC, they used something else :slightly_smiling_face:). Lots of opinions but real results too.


I will have to research the adhesive discussions. Thank you

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As many of you know I had a complete lid/hinge detachment. I tried E6000 and allowed it to cure for 48 hours. Sadly after opening the lid approx. 5 times the glue failed. It was completely cured, just couldn’t get a good grip on the very smooth surfaces. Lastnight in my despair (yes I was extremely distraught) I searched these forums and saw @eflyguy suggestion on 3M VHB tape. I’d never heard of it so I thought, “tape? no chance tape would work”. Despite that I went and bought some at Lowes this morning. I came home and laid VHB tape across the hinge and then clamped the lid to it for about 3 hours. I just replaced it about 11 am and it feels EXTREMELY solid. Much more solid than I expected. The hardest part is getting the hinge and lid lined up because if you even slightly touch the tape before you’re ready you’re starting over lol which happened to me once. Precision is very important or when reconnecting the lid/hinge unit your door will not close properly. Thanks @eflyguy for the great suggestion! You’re a genius.

I’m no genius, it’s just something I’ve encountered and used many times, mostly in the automotive world where it’s used to semi-permanently attach dissimilar parts. The surfaces need to be really clean - for example, when attaching trim to body panels on a car, you have to ensure any protective coatings like wax or ceramic have been removed first.

I hope it is a long-term solution for you.

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The hinge on my go let go. I used 3m vhb tape and it seems to be holding, though the thickness makes the back of the lid is higher. The lid doesn’t seem quite right.

Well I have had to reclamp the hinge to the glass lid the adhesion is almost sufficient. I think I used a thicker tape than the original adhesive and the rear of the lid is no longer flash with the side tops.

Can a new lid be sold and my defective assembly returned for credit?

Or maybe I should just find thinner VHB tape?