Lint Roller for Masking?

Has anyone used lint rollers as masking material? My mom owned a clothing store, so I have tons of them left over. It seems to be the same material as weak masking tape so I gonna try it, I just wanted to know if anyone else had.


Make sure the adhesive is strong enough to hold the masking down securely on the material. If it blows up into the path of the beam and catches fire, stop the print before it winds up in your exhaust fan.

Good luck!


If it works, please let us know, as can be cheaper option than a lot of the masking out there! (My guess it’s going to adhere better on some materials than others…).


the 3M lint roller sheets that I have seen do not appear to be paper-based. I can’t quickly find any info on what they are made of. If plastic-based, they might make more of a mess than they prevent, even if they are able to adhere correctly, which I would question. If PVC-based, they could be actually dangerous to your machine and you… although it feel more like cellophane than like vinyl, at least to to my fingers.

Yeah likewise. IKEA lint rollers are definitely plastic.

As for cost… 35 bucks for 300 linear feet works out to about 35 cents for a double sided full sheet masking. It’s half that if your doing an engrave and don’t mask the top surface. (Or don’t mask the front for whatever reason)

Granted I’m all for saving cash everywhere we can but given the convenience of the full roll masking material seems like it’s pretty cheap in the end.


on the flip side, used paper-masking material works great to remove dog fur from clothing and furniture…


Mind if I ask where you’re getting that? I use this and would like not pay nearly the $55 for the same thing.

I can do you one better and drop a classic evansd2 “previously” :). So…


A whole thread about the cheapest. Mine might not be, you’ll have to read through it.


I appreciate that! Sometimes the forums can be a bit overwhelming with so many ideas and tips.

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No problem :slight_smile:

Unfortunately sometimes discourse is also hard to search — it’s just not always the most user friendly, especially if you havent picked up on our semi-invented lingo.

Sorry, this might seem like a silly question but… You are using this to mask materials that are not the proofgrade materials from glowforge? I’m reading through just about every post I can find and trying to learn how to best use this thing. My husband bought it for me for christmas after I said it looked cool on a commercial. I think he thought I needed a new hobby now that are okay kid went to kindergarten. :laughing: But Ive no idea what im doing. I’m very in over my head! :exploding_head:

Yes, exactly.

Slightly off topic but here we go:

Everyone starts somewhere! I think it helps to read as much as you can, and then you just have to dig in and make a few mistakes to learn where the limits are. I think the natural tendency is that people follow their interests and so specialize a bit. Maybe you’re into engravings. Maybe you love acrylic. Maybe inlay and hardwoods are your thing, etc. Youll get to the point where you’re confident at one thing, then another and another…

Take me for example: I feel pretty solid on working with hardwoods and Baltic birch. Ask me to do anything complicated with leather and I’ll have to research a bunch — I’m in way over my head! People who make full-on bags or costumes out of leather pretty much amaze me. For example:

Anyway if you stick to it I’m sure you’ll find what interests you and dive as deep as you want to. It can be a really rewarding hobby. Anytime you run into a question or problem, search in the forum and ask if you can’t find it. We love a good mystery. :slight_smile:


If you browse through the tips and tricks section or the forum and the free laser design section you should find tutorials and/or ready made files you can try out. Even if you have zero interest in the particular design, if you do a few some light bulbs may start going off (and not because you tripped a circuit breaker) about how this thing works and what you can do with it.

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That’s pretty funny :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m having fun reading through the forum and learning alot. I’ve seen people making amazing things. Unfortunately my unit came defective so I’m waiting for a new one. In the mean time I’m learning so much from everyone’s post and ideas.

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Bummer. What kind of problem did you have?

The laser head was printing at an angle and printing over half an inch off every time. I’m bummed I’ve got to pack this one up but so glad the support team is so easy to work with.


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