Lithophane will the glowforge cut it

Ok I have used a cnc to make back lit lithophanes using corian and another material called candlestone (man made). For those unfamiliar with the process I would need to 3d engrave the material with a Reversed or inverted image. The blacks are white, and the whites are black. Your picture is created by back lighting the corian etching and the depth of material determines the color by regulating the amount of light diffusing through it. My question is would a GF Pro be able to do the 3d engrave in the solid surface material, and would anyone like to venture a guess as to what settings to use.

Thanks for any assistance given

This has been discussed before.

Do a search using the term ‘lithophane’. You’ll find a few posts. Settings are specific to the material, so unless the same material was used in the post you’ll have to do your own experiments.


So I went through more of the results from the search. It turns out more people talked about it than did it. There’s not much real data on producing lithophanes on a GF.

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People have etched Corian, one of the first PRU users did something with it:

I’m not sure how difficult it would be to get any depth on it though.

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Corian may be too hard for the Glowforge to engrave deeply enough for a lithophane. (Well, maybe with several passes, but I would expect your image to become more posterized with each pass.) See this thread and this one for examples and the power settings they used.

White acrylic should work well, though.

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never thought of the white acrylic. Thank you for the idea. I will have to try the corian and some other man made substances I have and update when complete

Lithophanes would be great. Just need a 1/4 inch thick sheet of Corian. It can engrave fairly well. Just kicks up some dust.

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I have the corian just need the time to sit and play with it. LOL

By the way. I didn’t use full power because the sparks kicked up were fierce and I didn’t like thinking they could make it to the lens.