Low Temp Metal Casting via the Glowforge

RIGHT! I gotta quit coming to this forum. The rabbit holes here are endless!


Faster cuts with very high LPI are cooler so burn less. Scrubbing down with Ammonia or Bleach (never both) will also leave really clean results.


Wonderful thank you.


Thank you for this write up. Very interesting process and result.


Excellent post. Thank you.
I make soap molds so I would be thru at the silicone mold state. Inspiring!

Wow! This gets my brain churning. Thank you so much for sharing!

Did you need a mold release compound for any step?

I didn’t. The silicone is quite flexible and rubbery so you can easily peel it off the metal once it’s all cool.

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I didn’t know such a thing existed - thanks so much for sharing both your final products and your techniques! Must resist Amazon impulse buy. . . .


Whenever I’ve used wooden molds I dust them with talcum powder, brush all the loose stuff out and that works fine. Not needed for silicone molds as they are fairly pliable. Just don’t bend them too much as the stuff will tear or crack.