Lumosforge is here!


My first thought (outside of seeing the photos) was the sauce.


WOW, I love that Leaky Cauldron sign. Did you do the cut out/silhouette on the right?


Yes, just some cheap hardboard. We plan on painting it black.

As a bonus, all that is made for the party (that are not giveaways) will continue to be used yearly when my wife does her ‘classroom transformations’.


Amazing work. Keep posting. I can’t wait to get my FORGE!
Counting the days.


So I saw this (like just about any other) after your initial post on the “New” section, clicked like and never saw it again. Happened to see the fidget spinner image in the weekly update and just scrolled through all of your work you’ve been posting here. HOLY COW have you (and your daughter) made some awesome and creative stuff! I love all of it! I’m so inspired. Starting to wonder what else I’ve been missing on these forums…


How do you use up all those scraps you have been hanging onto after your laser projects? Open a wand shop of course!

Glowforge bed camera FTW!

Top 3 coolest things you've seen made with a laser?

OMG! i want to come to the party now! (And I’m not the world’s biggest Potter fan, but man…that is going to be some party!) :grinning:


:squee: so super cool!!


Wow! Those are great!


I showed my boys this and they came to the conclusion that I’m am not as cool of a parent as you :smile:


Ha ha…you’ll just have to come up with something much cooler!!!


This is amazing? I love, simply just love it. My eldest daughter would be over the moon if we did something similar.


Wow, the scrap usage is insane!


Olivander would be proud!!! Also, I really enjoy these designs. :grinning:


Have you ever looked on Instructables? Perhaps somebody has MADE one of those beds. My daughter used one when we were in Gatlinburg. I looked at it pretty carefully. Structurally it wasn’t something that couldn’t be built at home. the “rubber” lining shouldn’t be too tough to source either.

Let me ask you this. Would it be beneficial if it was like a chair? doing your back, and legs?

By training I am a Biomedical Engineer, and when I am at work I have free mental time while I am waiting for experiments to run. So if you think that is a workable idea I could think on it. :slight_smile:


I picked up a few LED ‘filament’ type bulbs and that inspired me to upgrade our dining room light fixture. I wanted to prototype the design first to see how it would fit with the space and to test the construction. I pulled some cardboard and ran the files.

I really enjoyed working with the cardboard. Was awesome to go from idea to design to prototype so quickly. I think we will live with the cardboard for a few days to decide materials and if we want any changes.


This is lovely! Light fixtures are high on my list for when my glowforge gets here, and I love the design of yours. Your cardboard prototype looks awesome as-is, but I’m excited to see what your final project looks like!


It is lovely! I don’t plan to do light fixtures, but you guys are coming up with some very inspirational ideas if I decide to redecorate. (Please don’t trigger me to redecorate……) :neutral_face:


That’s really beautiful!! Nice design.


Fast, cheap and easy. Looks wonderful.What are you thinking about for the final material?

What’s that? @Jules is redocoratnig? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: