Masking paper size

great tip, thanks.


I don’t use a dispenser and never had that problem. It unrolls very smoothly.



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I guess my thumbs, are all thumbs, I keep ripping / folding / mangling / get on my shirt / my hair EVERYWHERE :laughing: but on the wood!!!


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Haha, now I need to see a video of that lol.


I know you got a lot of great answers down here, but I’m still thrown off by your original post. Did you buy a pro? My max material size is 12x20. I don’t have a pro. I use 12 inch for everything.

I use this, as recommended on the forum:

I’ve tried a few different types, including one that claimed to be medium-high tack. They were not as good as this stuff. When they are out of 12-inch (which happens sometimes), I do buy the 10-inch stuff, but I always prefer 12-inches.

Because of what I do, I go through about 2 rolls of this stuff monthly. Each roll is about 55 dollars after shipping and tax.

I did buy a pro but I got the max material size from the tech specs section of the FAQ.

Hmm, I guess I could fit something larger in there, I only cut 12x20 :rofl: it’s what most of the material I buy comes in.

I plan to buy larger sheets and cut them down. I don’t have my GF yet so I’m only going off of what I’m reading online while waiting on it to arrive.

i’ve put 15x20 sheets in, the extra space can run to the back. i haven’t tried 18, but that would be pretty tight i would think.

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If you have a pro then there is no max length only width which is 19.5 per the GF specs:

Specs Summary

Material Capability

  • 19.5” by 11” (Glowforge Basic and Plus)
  • 19.5” by ∞ (Glowforge Pro)
  • Maximum material height: 2″ (50mm)

You may be using old stock 12". It’s pretty durable stuff when fresh.
I’ve never had a tearing issue and I don’t use a dispenser.

Something about using multiple small strips is one must be very careful lining them up to avoid gaps or overlaps as these will affect engraves.

I have no issues pushing things back to use the bottom of a sheet or some random side bit. I just never bought a material that was 18x20, so I was thinking more material rather than bed capability. My mistake. Even when I cut my own wood, I cut it to 12x20.

I was at the vet with my dog when I first read the post, so I was distracted. :rofl:

That’s nominally the max cutting size. (Really 10.975x19.5)

The max material you can fit in is 18x20 as the material can extend all the way to the back of the machine. You’re only cutting in the 12x20 “window” but the material can be bigger.

As noted, the Pro has infinity by 20" as long as you have room out the back.


I know the pro has no max length when using the pass through, but I don’t know if I will be using the pass through on a regular basis which is why I wanted to be sure of the sizing.

That’s what we do


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