Materials and suppliers

This is my first time ordering from these guys. It’s my first time buying glassware in bulk.

One of the stores that carries my t-shirts and decals says multiple customers have asked for shot glasses with regional designs. For the first batch, I’m going to go with the outline of the state all sandblasted except the two letter state abbreviation centered in the middle. Here’s a mock up I made on a shot glass I bought at Goodwill. I’ll position the artwork a little higher up on the next one.


I may be late to the party on this thread… Can I point out how wonderful it is having a doctor as a fellow glowforger?



I know there are a good amount of fellow Glowforgers from Canada, and I was wondering if any of them – or anyone else for that matter – had any good leads for material suppliers/distributors either based in or operating within Canada?

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Sure seems like plywood and other woods might be easy to find in the great white north.:slight_smile:

What type of materials are you looking for?

There’s these guys:
Also, if you have a Windsor Plywood near you, they have lots of potential for all kinds of woods.

oh, and welcome! If you haven’t already, check out this thread and add yourself to the map!


I Have to stay away from Windsor Plywood, every time I go in there, they empty my wallet. :slight_smile:


Nah, we export it all south of the border :wink:

That’s the thing, I’m not looking for anything in particular. There have been so many great posts in this thread about neat materials and blanks that I’m just curious as to what we have available to us without dealing with US shipping/customs. I know the mostly obvious places like the big box retailers, Windsor Plywood, Dick’s Lumber etc… for the usual wood/MDF options, but really unfamiliar when it comes to any sort of acrylic/plastic/stone etc…

Thanks, I’ll check out the for sure! And yeah, I added myself to the map a while ago!

Mentioning Dick’s I’m assuming you’re in the Lower Mainland (BC)? I’ve found Tandy in Surrey to be a good source for leather supplies. Next time I’m over there I really want to pop into Robertson’s Plastics, it’s in Surrey as well. I’ve heard good things but haven’t yet been myself.

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Yeah, I’m actually up in Squamish. I forget the name offhand and will have to check when I’m back home, but I can give you a few other leather supplies that you might want to check out as well. I’ll have to make a point of checking out Robertson’s Plastics. Thanks!

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I went to Robertson’s Plastics before - it’s pretty good with supplies and the guys are really friendly. They are right by my Cake Studio/Tea Salon! If you ever want cake… come visit! (It’s under reno, should be back up mid Nov)


What may currently (14NOV2016) be the lowest price on Transtint Dyes, available in a wide variety of colors for lightfast coloring of wood.

I also ordered a couple of veneer sample packs from the same supplier.


FYI - I got several mailers from Tandy leather about their Black Friday sale ( in case you have one in your area). They have a (limited) deal on Veg Sides which are 18-20 sq feet - normally $184.99only $69.99 but only 20 per store. They also have premium grade double shoulder 13-15 sq ft normally $139.99 for $49.99. This is the 25th and 26th sales… maybe I will swing by. Does anyone know about the laserability of the shoulder - its looks like it’s recommended for carving 5 to 7 oz premium cowhide but doesn’t say what tanning method.
Oh patent leather sides are 19.99 normally 129.99 but I can’t imagine patent leather is too laserable …


Anyone ordered, or tried any of Trotec’s new supplies? I’m specifically interested in their “Trotec launch Woods”. Their sizing is off for Glowforge but they have a CDN supplier so shipping might be more reasonable for me. I signed up for their site but apparently it takes up to a few days to become activated.

Are they for sale?! I’ve been looking for months and all of their products say “Currently it is not possible to order products.” So I’ve never been sure why they even have a website full of things they don’t even sell.

Not sure. It looks that way on the Canadian site but it said I needed to log in to get details. I’ll send an update once my account is activated.

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I got some walnut and maple ply in this week from and they look amazing! The price is pretty good too


Super pretty and shiny! Got any big plans for those pieces yet?